How To Talk With Confidence: 7 public speaking tips

Have you ever seen yourself on video, or heard yourself speaking on a recording, and felt uncomfortable?

Sometimes it can be shocking to see or hear yourself as others do.

In this video I will go through my top 7 practical public speaking tips, to show you how to talk with confidence. This is an area that many people let themselves down without being aware of it.

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How To Talk With Confidence: 7 public speaking tips


Speaking confidently goes a long way towards projecting charisma, leadership and courage. If people think you are confident, they will treat you as confident, which will make you feel more confident… simple! This is not really ‘fake it until you make it’. This is about choosing to be a confident person NOW rather than waiting for it to happen.

Remember, when in doubt in a situation, ask yourself “What would a confident person do?” and then try your best to do that.

7 Tips for Confident Speaking:

1. Learn to project.

2. Slow the heck down.

3. … Pause.

4. Mix it up!

5. Stop apologising with your tone.

6. Stop brain farts.

7. Record yourself speaking


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