How to Get Clients Without Being Spammy

This one is for my entrepreneurs and salespeople who want to grow their businesses but also be authentic, in other words: How do you avoid being spammy as all fuck?

There’s 2 things you need to know: always respect a No, and keep it personalized.

If you follow those 2 principles, you can avoid being spammy.

Now the simple truth of business is you need to reach out to a lot of people to find new clients. Most of the people you contact aren’t interested (at least not right now).

You need to have a lot of people say No to you if you want to grow. You don’t know who really wants you until after they say Yes or No. You shouldn’t say no on their behalf – make them say no so that you find out for sure and know it’s not your fear sabotaging opportunities.

You can do this with paid advertising. It’s a great way of establishing that they definitely want to learn more about your product and they’re definitely interested. But not everyone can afford advertising or knows how to do it well.

So if your in the stage of business where you need to reach out to potential customers, make sure that every time someone says No you leave them alone and don’t message them again (or if it’s “Not right now” nurture them respectfully).

And if you keep it personalized – make sure it’s always about this specific person and not just bulk templated approaches – then you can rest assured that you’re not being spammy.

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  1. Note: even when you do everything honestly and respectfully, you will still get some upset responses. Just move on when this happens.

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