How to Feel More Prepared For A Career Change

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You can make a safe career choice, but this might not be as fulfilling as you’d hoped. Even if you’re good at your job, there’s a chance you wonder what more you could do, which could inspire a career change.

However, any career change can feel overwhelming, especially if you lack experience. So how can you feel more confident when you decide to not just change jobs, but change industries? Here are some tips to help you feel more prepared. 

Do Your Research 

Hopefully, you are already moderately familiar with the industry you want to transfer to. You should know enough about it to feel comfortable switching careers, but it’s still worth doing your research to learn even more.

This applies to preparing for an interview, so research a company before applying to ensure you’re ready to answer any questions. It’s also worth looking into recent trends to better understand what’s going on, which will give you plenty of talking points even if you’re not an expert yet. 

Get Your Certifications 

Many jobs require specific certifications before you’ll even be considered for a role. Once you’ve decided which job you want, take the time to obtain these certifications. This can include qualifications that make it possible to operate machinery or diplomas that teach you more about the role.

Your new company may even request you get a checkup to ensure you’re fit for work. This is most common in labor sectors, including a railway medical among other industries. 

Hone Your Applicable Skills 

Even if you don’t have any real-life experience in your new career, you may have transferable skills you can improve to make you more effective. This factor can apply to hard and soft skills that have the potential to maximize your success.

Furthermore, entering a new role from a different industry can help you offer a different perspective that could be invaluable in identifying solutions or taking various new approaches to solve problems. 

Outline Your New Career Path 

You left your last career because you didn’t think there was any chance of progress, so you should consider where you want to be in five years in your new role. While nothing is set in stone, outlining your new career path gives you goals to aim for. You can take the initiative by learning new skills and joining programs that help you rise through the ranks. 

Get Involved 

Those most successful in a new career are the same people who stay up to date with the industry and get involved. You don’t need to wait for a job offer either.

Instead, you can attend conventions and subscribe to industry-specific magazines. Even following social media profiles and consuming content based on your new industry can highlight current trends so you stay in the loop and can get yourself noticed. 


All change can be scary, but this means you’re doing the right thing. As long as you take the correct steps to prepare yourself for your new career, you will discover that it isn’t as intimidating as you thought and might finally feel fulfilled in your job, meaning it’s the best choice you’ve ever made. 


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