How to break a habit: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for the normal person

Do you notice yourself engaging in behavior over and over again that does NOT help you?

Do you wish you knew how to break a habit?

– Trying to please people all the time and not knowing why you do it
– Lashing out at people you care about when you’re not even angry with them
– Avoiding confrontation and missing out on opportunities
– Forgetting important events and tasks

Later on, you regret it. You look back and think “Why did I say that?” or “I wish I had just done XYZ”.

Check out this video on my Observe, Stop and Replace method:


I have a strategy that’s as simple as it is effective. A way for you to take a step back and look at how you behave on a regular basis. This will help you identify what you need to change and why. So rather than wishing you had done things differently, you will now be able to catch yourself in the moment and make changes.

Over time this will lead to you becoming the person you always wished you were. It’s all about making small consistent changes, and not worrying about getting it perfect. This follows a very simple pattern used in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy where you simply become AWARE of what you are doing, and start to break habits and patterns of unhelpful behavior.

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