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There are 3 limiting beliefs I’ve observed that cause people to worry.

The first is it’s compulsory, you have no control over worrying. It happens to you. You can’t stop yourself from doing it.

The second belief is it’s helpful, worrying is some form of planning or strategizing or problem solving, and you need it to feel motivated to solve a problem, and so on.

And the third one is it’s invisible. People think they’re planning or they’re doing something helpful, and they don’t realize they’re just worrying.

Your life quality will improve massively when you come to understand that all 3 of these beliefs are untrue!

You can stop yourself worrying, at least you can stop yourself once you’ve already started. You can break out of the thought pattern and focus on solving a real problem instead.

Worrying isn’t helpful or motivating for making good decisions. You can make good decisions without it, and worrying doesn’t improve the decision you would make without it.

And it’s visible if you know what to look for. If you can catch yourself when you’re doing it and realize it’s not planning or problem solving, because what you’re thinking about isn’t real, then you can reduce the amount of time you waste indulging in pointless negative fantasies.

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  1. One way to know you’re worrying rather than problem solving is ask “Can I point to the problem?” If you can’t, it doesn’t exist (you’re worrying)

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