How ‘Split Testing’ Guarantees Success

Just a quick one for you here.

Have you ever wanted to have a bullet-proof method for improvement, where you know FOR SURE that you will get better and better over time? No matter what circumstances or situation you apply it to?

Introducing…. (drum roll)… SPLIT-TESTING!!!

Split-testing is a concept I’ve only recently realised the power of, so I wanted to share it with you all today.


In brief, split-testing, also known as AB testing, is the art of making two very similar things compete against each other. The winner stays and the loser goes. The loser is then replaced by an attempt to improve on the winner.

Then the competition goes again, the winner stays, the loser goes and is replaced by an attempted improvement. And on and on… indefinitely.

If you can figure out how to apply this methodology to different areas of your life, you are GUARANTEED on-going improvement. You simply cannot lose provided you do not give up. The easiest way to explain this is with examples, so I’ve included an example for business, relationships and health below.


Split-test advertising is one of the most powerful techniques I’ve learned about marketing this year.

Let’s say you want to advertise on Google Adwords, magazines or on Facebook. What you do is design two ads that are almost identical. There should only be one thing different between them. So maybe they have the same content but different headlines, or they’re the exact same ad but targeted at different audiences, and so on.

Run them both at the same time and make all things equal except the one variable you want to test. Then, keeping an eye on all the relevant analytics and measurements, after they’ve been exposed to about 1000 people, see which is doing better. That’s your winner. You now know which of the two different variables is better. It is likely only going to be slight differences in performance.

Then you rewrite the ‘loser’ ad with the better variable, but change something else. So maybe you make the headlines the same and change some of the content. You keep doing this, eventually you will have an ad that is exactly what your clients want to respond to.


Let’s say you’re trying online dating, or meeting people in person for dating, and you feel like you have insufficient social skills. You can apply the same process.

For online dating for example, try two different websites and run two almost identical profiles. Like the business example, carefully measure the responses etc. and make small changes to whichever one is ‘losing’, then measure again.

If you’re trying to meet new people, you can do the same thing with changing small variables each time you go out. Maybe one week you try different body language styles during your approach, maybe the next week you change your fashion, maybe the week after you try warming up beforehand by chatting to strangers. Whatever, the same measuring and split testing apply, as long as one ‘style’ remains constant so you can compare accurately.

Sound a little lacking in human warmth?

Try thinking about it this way: if you hate rejection, this will really help take the sting out of it. Suddenly, you’re not longer getting ‘rejected’, you’re simply getting feedback on what works and what doesn’t. Trust me, it makes socialising more fun in the long run!


There’s so many ways this can apply to health! Diet for a start. Keep everything the same for a month, then change your diet for a month without changing anything else. Then again, and again, until you start getting an ideal body shape or weight happening. Or with workouts, again try making small changes and comparing to a ‘winner’ (in science we call this the ‘control’).

Click here to read more about AB testing in action, through the Brute Force success method


Can you see how you just cannot lose? You do this long enough and you will eventually find the most effective way to do ANYTHING. All it takes is perseverance and acceptance of ‘failure’. This process will help you deal with rejection and recognise rejection and failure for what they really are: LEARNING and FEEDBACK.

Of course behind the scenes you need to be trying to learn what the next best variable to change might be. For example, your progress will go a lot faster in business if you are learning marketing strategies while split-testing ads. However the split testing will teach you more about what actually works or doesn’t in the real world than any course, book, video, or … ahem… blog.

Hope it helps you out! Try it and let me know how you get on!



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