Honesty will always attract haters

One of the elements of the work I do that’s taken me the longest to accept is the hate I receive.

You might sometimes see it in the comments, and I often get private emails and messages as well. There are some people who are very upset by what I say and what I do.

Sometimes it’s just trolls, dickheads trying to have a go because that’s what they prefer to do in their spare time. These ones don’t really bother me because I just pity them – how sad must your life be if this is how you have fun?

Other times it’s real rage and pain from people who are triggered and genuinely upset by what it is that I say. These are the ones that get to me.

It took me a long time to make my peace with these because it felt unfair. I had a victim-narrative in my head like, “I’m trying to help people and yet I get all this backlash from people who I’m not even talking to, people who have just joined the conversation to make my life harder simply because I’m not really the guy to help them.”

I was bitter and resentful for many years because I knew that what I do helps certain people immensely, so why were others who I wasn’t talking to getting in my way?

And then I realized, that’s the price to pay!

In order to reach out to the few people I want to help, I have to brush up against many others who don’t want my help and who aren’t interested in my message, and don’t even agree that people should live with integrity!

That’s the nature of honesty. In order to be honest, you’re gonna have to brush up against the haters. There’s no way around this.

And if you’re willing to pay that price, you can be a hugely valuable person to certain people.

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  1. I should mention, I have no issue with people who I am trying to help to that have negative feedback or genuine critique.

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