Honesty Critique: Sam Harris vs Ben Affleck

When Sam Harris appeared as a start guest on Real Time with Bill Maher, he was actually there to plug his next book. While there were some opponents of his atheist ideas about Islamic beliefs, he did not see an attack from Batman star Ben Affleck coming.

Affleck attacked Harris and Maher, calling them ‘gross’ and ‘racist’ for speaking out against certain elements of Islam doctrine and the Qu’ran. The attack was personal, hostile, and without respect, leaving Sam Harris bewildered.

Later, when appearing on Dave Rubin’s political show, Harris and Rubin review the confrontation to see what happened and revealed the aftermath following the conflict, with Twitter users and Muslims around the world hailing Affleck as a hero and denouncing Harris as prejudiced and racist.

Sam Harris – neuroscientist, atheist, philosopher, host of the Waking Up Podcast and author of many books including ‘Waking Up’ and one of my favourites: ‘Lying’ – is well known as being a strong advocate for radical honesty and truthfulness, as well as adherence to scientific method and accuracy. He is particularly opposed to radical Islam, and believes it to be a detrimental religious view that puts lives at risk.

Rubin, Harris and many others such as Jordan Peterson are considered part of the ‘Intellectual Dark Web’ (IDW), an official alliance of truth-seekers who wish to speak honestly rather than cave to pressure to be politically correct or avoid offending people.

So Sam Harris was a natural first choice for me to begin a series of videos where I examine both honest and dishonest people in microscopic detail to review their ability adhere to the 5 Principles of Powerful Honesty: Responsibility, Boldness, Vulnerability, Cosmic Perspective, and Reciprocation.

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