Gutless diary – my body transformation

I’ve signed up to the Gutless program run by my friend Bryce Anderson. It’s a challenging 8-week program designed to reduce weight and increase testosterone in men, particularly busy fathers struggling with dad bods.

The following is my diary tracking the entire program.

Starting stats:

Gut measurement: 40.5″
Thigh: 22″
Bicep: 12.75″
Waist: 41″
Weight: 201lBs (91Kg)

Starting pictures:

Video diary:

Week ONE

“M” is month, “W” is week, and “D” is day, (e.g. M1W1D2 is the second day of the program).

M1W1D2 – Getting started

M1W1D3 – All good so far

M1W1D4 – Lost 4lBs already!

M1W1D5 – The artifical sugar dilemma!

Week One Stats:

Starting weight. 201
Current weight. 198
Last week. 201
Week loss. 3
Total loss. 3
G Target. 30
Wins. Managed to stay M1 compliant for all meals except for honest mistakes (e.g. didn’t realise onion wasn’t allowed). Did 3 workouts. Lost some pounds. No more reflux. Overcame obstacles like major dental problems, sleep deprivation, and partner struggling to accept new food plans.
Losses. Resistant to giving up artificial sweetener in my coffee. Mis-measured myself at the beginning so have to do it again starting from now (i.e. don’t get to see those first week inches lost).

Week Two

M1W2D10 – First results in and lots of barriers to success coming up

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