Guest blogging for The Inspirational Lifestyle

Great to see you’re interested in contributing content for this blog!

The Inspirational Lifestyle blog has been running since 2013 and has a dedicated audience of self-development enthusiasts. We welcome contributing content from people looking to promote their ideas and techniques to serve this audience powerfully.

However, we get a LOT of requests for guest-blogging, and we need to screen carefully. Before you contact us to submit an offer or content, please take the time to read through these conditions and expectations.


This blog is about helping people unleash their deep inner confidence, through being more honest, having more integrity, creating meaningful careers, taking care of their health, and developing authentic connections with others (dating, friendships and relationships). We support empirical methods and scientifically sound approaches to managing your psychology.

When writing content, please keep in mind the main theme around integrity. This blog does not support manipulation or attempts to make yourself “happy” by controlling results, outcomes or other people. This blog is about building confidence without needing money, approval from others, or any other materialistic results.

While we welcome spiritual practices, these must be free from ideological dogma (we aim to not publish posts that promote unproven facts or that insist on obedience of subjective moral guidelines).


Some people wish to write for this blog simply to share their ideas. Some want to use the power of this blog for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and getting their work promoted through our reach to a large audience. And some people want to do both.

We will not promote or publish any content that lacks quality, value or depth. If you’re simply looking to score a strong back-link to your website, look somewhere else.

However, if you are providing quality content you will be welcomed to publish as often as you wish, and your bio will be included in every post (name, position, mission, and company).

NOTE: If you wish to include any direct links to your own websites as a promotion, either inside the post or in your bio, there is a fee of $150 USD per post link. As a bonus for people who pay for a backlink, we will include the promotion of your post through our social media and weekly email newsletter.

It took many years and a large financial investment from us to build the strong SEO presence of this blog and we ask that you respect the value of having links to your website featured here. Prices are negotiable for smaller businesses etc. provided that you are serious about contributing quality content to this blog.


Write to with a short bio on who you are and why you want to write for the blog, including a list of no more than 5 suggested topics you’d like to write about.

If your request is accepted, you will be asked to submit your post via Word or Google doc (<2,000 words preferred) and include a short bio about yourself. This will then be published under your name, with the SEO work done by us. We may change some key parts to support SEO (e.g. make the title more aligned with search terms, and bold some keywords) but for the most part we will try to leave it unchanged.

If we like your work, you’ll be welcomed to provide more content over time.

Thanks again for considering a contribution to this site, and we wish you all the best for your pursuit to improve the lives of people around the world.


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