Got What it Takes to be a Life Coach?

Becoming a coach is by far one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
I love people. I love self-development. I love confidence-building. I love integrity.
I hate wasted lives. I hate seeing people being held back by social anxiety. I hate seeing people suffering from low self-worth. I hate dishonesty.
This combination of love and hate has transformed me into a coach.
Every day, I get paid to have conversations with people that enhance their integrity, build their confidence, and help them better connect with friends, family and lovers.

Reckon you might like being a coach?

I’ve just finished my latest round of coach training. Two more coaches released into the world to make it a better place to live.
At any given time I can train 2 coaches (maximum), and as you’re reading this I might have a placement available for another trainee.
After running my own coaching business for over 5 years, I’ve cracked the code on how to make a sustainable living from helping people, without having to sacrifice my integrity. I love helping other coaches create this for themselves too.
If you’d like to create a living from coaching and mentoring people – to have a significantly positive impact on people’s lives and get paid for the privilege – and you’re ready to get serious about it and make it real, maybe we should talk.

Wait! Before you respond, however..

Note that my coach-training is a big investment. It runs for 6 months minimum (12 months for the advanced BROJO program), requires at least 5 hours per week for coaching and business activities (including 90min per week working with me), and the fee is $9K.
(Yes, it’s that much. I’ve paid over $100K myself to learn what I’ll be teaching you. You’ll be getting 5 years of business training and 10 years of psychology/coaching training condensed into 6 months for a fraction of the cost.)

This is NOT for people “kinda interested in coaching.”

This is for people who are committed to making a living from coaching and want to avoid making pointless mistakes or ruining themselves financially before it gets off the ground.
My program will work for you if you’re ready to do the work and you’re the right kind of person to become a coach (not everyone is).

You will learn EVERYTHING you need to know

About coaching techniques, psychology, philosophy, marketing and service-business strategies. I cover the whole package. And you won’t need advertising, sleazy sales techniques, social media promotion, business cards, or even your own website! You’ll just need time to build real connections with people you respect.
But this is only for the people who are truly ready to make this real.
If you are ready, email me and I’ll send you the full detailed overview of the program, so you can better understand what is offered and what is required. Then, if you’re sure it’s right for you, we can talk personally about it.
Have a great week


PS. Feel free to forward this on to anyone you know who might be a good fit for it, much appreciated.
PPS. If you’re really interested but the financial investment is out of your reach, still get in touch because when there’s enough people I will create a more affordable group program.

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