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Figuring out what you should do for a career is an intimidating prospect.

You spend 30-40% of your waking life at work. Apart from sleeping, nothing else takes up this much of your precious time.

So doesn’t it make sense that your work should have meaning and bring you joy?

Imagine having a job that was so good, you would happily do it for free.

Most people are just doing what they’ve been trained to do. If you’re one of these, then maybe you haven’t really explored the possibility of what you want to do. You simply don’t know what your “Perfect Job” or ideal lifestyle even looks like.

Others know what they want to do but there are barriers in the way. If this is you, maybe deep down you feel like you don’t deserve it, that you are not worthy. You worry that if you try to make it happen, you will get rejected and fail. Or there just seems to be too much competition, it’s just too hard.

I used to feel like both of those types of people.

For the longest time I was stuck in a rut. I went from crappy job to crappy job, just doing whatever seemed available. I believed that I was lucky just to have work, and that I should be grateful. Even though I hated the work.

I knew I wanted to work with people, to help them. I was always helping people out, but I never got paid for it. But fear held me back from exploring this dream.

So day after day I fought hours of traffic to go and get yelled at by my boss and waste away all daylight hours lifting heavy boxes.

Then one day I decided to try something different. Despite having a Psychology degree I had never before tried to get a job in that field before. So I tentatively started exploring jobs that helped others.

Long story short, this lead me to discover my true calling. I went through years in sales, rehabilitating offenders, leading staff, and then becoming a senior advisor. Until finally, I became what I had wanted to be all along.

A Confidence and Career Coach. Self-made, independent, my own boss, and happy.

How did I do this? How did I escape the trap of a passionless job?

Through tons of coaching, courses, and trial-and-error, I discovered a formula for creating a successful and rewarding career. Something that has integrity with my true self.

I figured out how to first identify and then create the kind of work that I was simply born to do.

This strategy is as simple as it is effective. Anyone can apply it, and through this discover their own unique calling and PURPOSE.

No “quick fix” tricks.

No false promises.

Just simple strategic planning followed by effective action.

And for FREE I will give you the basic blueprint. My mission in life is to create as many happy and successful people as I can. I want you to be one of them.

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