Final day for bonuses! The Art of Flirting and Maintaining Intimacy

It all ends in 12 hours!

Thanks for your patience. I know that promotions can be annoying if you’re not keen on the product, but don’t worry, we’ll be back to our regular daily doses of integrity next week.

Today it’s only $59.99!

This is still a 66% discount. After today, it will be sold at full price of $149.99

In our final free preview video this week, I’ll be sharing something fun that applies equally to people who are single/dating as well as those in long term romantic relationships.

This comes from the specialty section of the course, where I cover how to apply rapport building principles in specific social contexts.

Building Rapport in Romantic Relationships: The Art of Flirting and Maintaining Intimacy

Being able to create deep and serious connections is an important element to a fulfilling life. But can’t we have a bit of fun, too?!

Flirting and intimacy is where our playful and sexual sides are allowed to come out and enjoy the connection as well.

However, this kind of play can be hard to balance with the goal of remaining honest, vulnerable and bold.

In this video, we explore how to flirt, play, and build romance into your connections without sacrificing your integrity or being superficial. It’s a fine art, but it can be learned.

Check out the video here: 


“Dan’s content is epic. It’s presented in a straightforward simple way, easy to follow, and logically sequenced. There’s no fluff or filler or b.s. – just what you need to know. The content is really on-point.”

Ash Dando

So this is it!

It’s your last chance to register for the course at the 66% discounted price of $59.99 and become a master of social connection and advanced communication skills and also collect the remaining bonuses.

So click here now to sign up for the course!

Final bonuses available!

The first 5 people to buy get a free 1:1 coaching session worth $500!!

The first 25 people to buy get invited to rapport building live Q+A session with me

The first 50 people to buy get another course of their choice for free, worth up to $150

And the first 100 people to buy get a free copy of any of my books




P.S. This course is free for all $19/month subscription members and 1:1 coaching clients. Just email me to get your access link. The smart ones out there will realise that they can sign up for membership to get this course and all the others for a fraction of the price!

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