Fear is the mind killer

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Fear is the mind killer.

We have a subconscious belief, one we very rarely see come into the light: we assume that fear has our best interests at heart.

We believe, without awareness, that fear is trying to make us safe. We think if we are afraid of something, then that thing must be dangerous. If we feel like staying away from something, it’s a good idea to stay away from it.

And yet the counter evidence to this is staggering.

It’s so obvious. Most people are held back by fear, not propelled forward, and they actually end up creating a higher risk more dangerous life by obeying their fear and doing what it suggests.

Fear keeps people in dead-end jobs, sacrificing their present enjoyment of life and long-term financial security (your income most consistently increase to match inflation).

Fear keeps people from talking to strangers, thereby increasing the likelihood of growing old alone (social circles entropy over time).

Fear keeps people out of the gym. It stops people from travelling. It makes them keep secrets that eventually destroy relationships.

SAFE??? Hardly.

Let go of the idea that fear cares about your safety. It doesn’t! It only cares about keeping things the same.

When you look for this, you’ll realize that it’s true. You’ll see what you’re mostly afraid of is newness – change, growth, and attempting to be successful.

Let go of keeping things the same. That is not how you stay safe.

You stay safe by keeping up to date, by constantly upgrading and developing. Like accounting for inflation, you need constant growth just to stay on track.


For more on this topic, check out my video “The Courage to Be Disliked”

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  1. Next time you’re afraid of something new, try asking yourself, “How will I feel in 5 years time if I don’t try this?”

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