Who is Dan Munro?

Get the gist here: https://theinspirationallifestyle.com/who-is-dan-munro/ 


What is The Inspirational Lifestyle?

The Inspirational Lifestyle is the name of Dan Munro’s coaching business, and also the name of his personal blog, here: https://theinspirationallifestyle.com/blog/ 


What is Brojo?

Brojo is an international self-development community co-founded by Dan Munro and Mike Wells. Originally it began as an in-person weekly group meeting where men got together at a local pub to discuss all things self-development. It has since morphed into a mostly online community focused on confidence building, integrity, and social skills development. The main website is here: https://brojo.org/ 


Where are all the free resources?

All the free articles, videos and podcasts can be found on Dan’s blog, Mike’s blog, and the main Brojo website.

Or, you can stay in touch with all Dan’s content, including short-form video, through these platforms:


What is The Integrity Army?

The Integrity Army is the name of a group coaching call run once per month by Dan Munro. Attendees take turns on the “hot seat” getting coached by Dan, and interacting with each other for support, advice and shared stories. This group coaching call is free but only available to Brojo Gold Members, and Daily Dose of Integrity paid subscribers, and Dan’s former and current coaching clients. For more about this coaching, check out the main page: https://theinspirationallifestyle.com/the-integrity-army-free-group-coaching-with-dan-munro/ 


What is the Daily Dose of Integrity?

The Daily Dose of Integrity is a daily newsletter Dan puts out every weekday with short practical tips on how to build confidence, social skills, and living by your core values. It has both free and paid subscription options – the paid subscribers also get access to all of Dan’s online courses and some other benefits. Subscribe here for more: https://danthecoach.substack.com/subscribe


What email lists should I subscribe to?

To get a daily newsletter with quick tips, try Dan’s Daily Dose of Integrity

To get a weekly newsletter with all the latest posts, videos and podcasts from the Brojo team, try the Brojo newsletter.


Where are the online communities?

Most of the Brojo action happens on the Brojo Worldwide Facebook group.

Or you can stay updated about Dan’s content and activities in the 3X Confidence Club Facebook group.


Where are the in-person communities?

We host all in-person and video-call activities through meetup.com. Since COVID, these have died down significantly, but may start up again in the future.


What are the paid membership options?

If you are a paid subscriber on Substack, or a Brojo Gold Member (both $19/month), you get all the free stuff as well as free access to all of Dan’s online courses, free copies of Dan’s books, and an invitation to join The Integrity Army monthly group coaching session.


What are the online courses?

Dan creates 3-5 hour long intense online courses about specific topics to build your self confidence, social skills, integrity and lifestyle. The courses are self-paced, with quizzes and assignments to ensure you apply the practical lessons. These courses are hosted on Udemy, and typically sell for between $70 to $150 depending on length. If you are a paid subscriber on Substack or a Brojo Gold Member, you can access all of them for just $19/month.


What do I need to know about 1:1 or group coaching options?

Dan offers 1:1 coaching for people who want to make massively accelerate progress on their confidence building (availability depending). For everything you need to know about coaching, including fees, go here: https://theinspirationallifestyle.com/coaching/ 


How do I contact Dan?

Best is via email dan@brojo.org

Or you can connect with him on Facebook and message him there: https://www.facebook.com/DanTheCoach/