Facing Fears, episode #1: “The Walk of Shame”


Hey guys, as promised here it is, in all its pasty glory. Watch and cringe as I challenge myself to walk down the main road of Auckland on a busy Sunday dressed like… well, you’ll see!

DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME… because it’s pointless. Try it out in public instead!



When developing my coaching company I thought to myself “What separates me from other coaches out there?”

One thing I’ve been disappointed with in the past is people who don’t live what they teach.

There are some amazing coaches out there who can turn the dials on a person’s life up to MAXIMUM (my coach Phil is one).

But there are others, who just complete a 6mth life-coaching course or something and then try to tell people how to live. What’s disappointing is that they don’t live by their own principles.

Some of them don’t even receive coaching themselves!

I’m not saying you have to sign up to coaching with me. I’m just saying make sure that you only take mentoring, guidance or advice from those who live what they preach.

Anyone else can’t possibly understand what it’s truly like to go through the ups and downs of true self-development.

Look, you don’t need to do this in public to improve your life!

But if you want to learn how to build your self confidence to a level where you could if you wanted to, where you just don’t give a F*** what anyone else thinks about you, then email me and let’s start a conversation about that.

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