Energeia Podcast: Why Most “Nice Guys” Are Liars and Thieves

In this episode, Dr. G speaks with Dan Munro of Brojo and The Inspirational Lifestyle. We discuss the severely problematic nature of “Nice Guy syndrome” and attendant issues of people-pleasing, as well as the significance of the origins and causes of these issues, and the most fruitful ways of undoing or preventing this deleterious behaviour. We also probe politeness, and whether etiquette-driven behaviour can ever be representative of deceitful or dishonest tendencies. And we discuss career politicians, and the possible relationships between politically-driven maneuvering and learned psychopathy, as well as whether these apply to purportedly “nice” and “empathic” leaders such as Jacinda Ardern and not merely to the “obvious” psychopaths such as Vladimir Putin.

Dan Munro is a confidence and integrity coach who specializes in helping people with Nice Guy Syndrome and people pleasing syndrome to become more honest, more assertive, and more courageous. He is the founder of The Inspirational Lifestyle and the Brojo Self-Development Community, as well as a host of The Brojo Podcast. Dan is also the author of three books: The Legendary Life, Nothing To Lose, and The Naked Truth, and is a prolific blogger and commentator within the wider personal development and coaching spaces. He holds a degree in psychology from the Auckland University of Technology, and is a former probation officer within the New Zealand correctional system.

Dan’s Top Resources


Dan has 3 bestselling non-fiction books available in both written and audio form:

  • The Naked Truth, his latest release, shows you how radical honesty builds self-confidence and relationships
  • Nothing to Lose explores how to build confidence from the inside by correcting the programming in your brain
  • The Legendary Life is a very practical, action-focused guide on how to plan and execute a life plan that brings you your ideal lifestyle

Online courses

Dan continues to put out high quality online self-paced courses through the Udemy platform


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