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After coaching hundreds of different people over the years, I have identified that you want guidance in 5 main areas. In The Legendary Life you will get over 180 pages of practical and effective strategies for building up your life in these 5 areas, all crucial to long term happiness:



In The Legendary Life I will share with you top psychological motivational techniques. I will show you how to overcome doubt, hesitation and procrastination. These are the same tools and techniques that are successful in motivating the most resistant people on the planet: criminal offenders.

Through removing fear-based irrational barriers in your mind, you will be able to develop the courage and certainty needed to achieve your goals. You will find the motivation to pursue a more rewarding career, initiate romantic relationships, meet new friends, get to the gym, and so much more.

Motivation can be controlled, and I can show you how.



Most people have been steered away from their natural talents and passions by the international education system. It’s a disgrace. Odds are, unless you were born to be an academic professor or scholar, then school was not very effective in helping you learn what is right for you.

In The Legendary Life I will take you through some of my most popular strategies for figuring your purpose and mission in life. Through idnetifying the unique strengths you have (and yes there are plenty you don’t know about) we will figure out what you’d be best suited to. Your dream career and life’s work is just waiting for you. When you can identify your purpose, you will be filled with a sense of certainty and fulfillment.

No more worrying about wasting time or working for money. It’s time to get a job that you can brag about.

3D coverI just wanted to give you a huge thanks … it’s not that my job is bad, I just don’t know what I want to be doing and I’m currently commuting for an hour or so each way every day and I have no idea why… So then I thought, you know what?? Lets just do something for the hell of it… there is a job as an Admin Manager that has come up for one of the big centres so I’m going for it.

I’ve read your book twice now and it has really come together when you apply your own life to it.”

– Amy Morgan

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As we grow up we are trained to please other people. This leads us to lose our authenticity and sacrifice our needs for those of other people.

In The Legendary Life I will show you how to take the power back. You can learn how to stop caring what other people think of you. And best of all, it’s SIMPLE. I will show you how to measure yourself by standard that you can control. These measurements are the key to developing massive self-confidence,  so that you feel like you can handle anything.

Best of all, you will learn how to feel good about yourself and have pride in your true identity. No more shame, regret or anxiety. These strategies will teach you how to live fearlessly without apology.

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We humans are social creatures and the best lifestyles are those we share with others. Not once in school were you taught how to make friends or attract potential lovers – it was just assumed you would know how.

And those who did give you advice were probably unsure themselves. Creating a strong social circle, managing your boss and workmates, and building new romances can come down to skills which you can learn. In The Legendary Life we will explore how you can systematically improve your social skills over time through setting goals and slowly leaving your comfort zone (safely of course).

This will give you a sense of abundance in your social life, where you can choose your friends, manage your enemies, and find the love of your life.



Sick of working for The Man? Ever dreamed about owning your own business or becoming an entrepreneur?

The Legendary Life is all about lifestyle freedom. Through exploring your passions you can plot out a realistic plan to become your own boss doing something you love. It’s all about planning. I will show you how I developed my own passion-based lifestyle business on the side of my “regular” job.

Then all you’ll need is to build up the courage and motivation to actually do it. Unlike most other guides on how to build passion-based businesses, I will also show you how to systematically increase your confidence to take risks and take action. Time to turn dreams into reality!



I have helped hundreds of people go from tears to glory through these following proven strategies.

Nowadays, I have a career that satisfies my needs while earning me a decent paycheck, and gives me plenty of time to explore my other passions.

I play in a rock band with a great following, compete in salsa tournaments, scuba dive, travel and more. Still with time to work out and socialise.

I have done my best to ensure that everything you will ever need for lifestyle and career success can be attained through following the pathway in the book. I’m so sure of it, from seeing it work with countless people, that I GUARANTEE results!

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You could spend your next $9.95 on a muffin and latte at your local over-priced café, or you could make a risk-free investment in your future career and lifestyle.

In 5 years from now, if you were living your dream lifestyle, how much would that be worth to you?

You have nothing to lose.

“I really loved the stories and examples of life and success and it really helped me identify and clarify my goals. Highly recommended!”

– Alex Hamm


With a LIFETIME no questions asked money back guarantee, you have plenty of time to test and assess the guidance in this book to see if it helps you. At least you’ll get some helpful ideas on easy ways to increase your happiness in life.

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If you’re tired of feeling like your life is passing you by, and wondering if there’s something better for you out there…





3D cover

Now Just $9.95
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“I especially like how you’ve taken the model from your profession in dealing with troubled individuals and applied it to personal development/positive psychology. I think this is something unique in the genre..”

– Lorne Fitzsimmons


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