Dream Come True: I am now a full time Confidence and Career Coach!

As of now I am officially an “entrepreneur”.

After almost 18 months of battling against seemingly impossible obstacles, I have now taken the leap, committing to my Purpose with everything I have.

I am now a full time Career and Confidence Coach, an author, and internet marketer. And who knows what else I’ll end up doing.

To celebrate, I have a special offer for you guys. But before I tell you what it is, let me share a little bit about how I got here…

Since 2008 I have been following strategies I created for achieving goals and confidence building. I revised these strategies every year based on coaching I was receiving, courses I took, and a heck of a lot of trial-and-error.

Near the end of 2011, I started playing around with the basic idea of teaching this stuff to other people. I wasn’t sure how to do this as business, but I knew how to coach people in my work so it just felt like something I should do.

I wanted to save other people the stress and heartache of the trial-and-error. I wanted to show people the shortcuts for career success, and help people move from low to high self-confidence.

Then, at the end of 2012, I was hit with an inspirational idea: I would write a book.

I figured I could put everything I had learned about progressing up the career ladder and building self-confidence down on paper. I wasn’t really sure what to do with it, I just had this burning urge to get the ideas out of my head and into something tangible.

I wrote the first draft of Driven in about three weeks. It was a frenzied writing experience that consumed most of a summer holiday from work.

My first draft was terrible!

But that didn’t matter, because I had started. Looking back, this was the single most important step I took.

It wasn’t about writing a book. It was about taking action. I had moved from thinking to doing, and I had no idea at the time how significant this step was going to be.

I started asking friends and family to review the book for me and give me feedback. I wanted to know if what worked for me would also work for others. Their feedback was brutally honest, and I had to re-adjust my inflated ego.

But despite my hideous grammar and a boring writing style, the feedback was also encouraging.

It turns out what I knew could be applied by others.

So I made a commitment. I decided that I would become a coach, and teach this strategy to other people. My ego wanted me to have a positive impact on people. I decided to give my ego what it wanted.

I took on two clients for special price: free! For six months I coached two people, using them as willing lab rats for my strategy. This taught me to give value for the sake of giving, not just to get something in return. They helped me test how to guide other people through the same learning I had made.

Except they made progress at 10 times the rate I did by myself!

Within three months both of these clients had made significant breakthroughs and progress on their goals. I was almost jealous that they did it so quickly. The same progress took me years! This gave me the courage to move forward with my commitment.

I began an extensive experiment behind the scenes. I explored starting a real business.

I was spending literally thousands of dollars learning how marketing and business creation worked.

I had a vision of being a completely honest marketer. I wanted my advertising and other promotional material to be truthful, have integrity, and represent the main aspect of my brand:


I suffered hundreds of setbacks. Everything I assumed would work simply didn’t. It turns out I knew nothing about marketing. Or how to get clients. Or how to run a website. Or anything else to do with business.

So while I was working a full time job for the Department of Corrections, playing in a metal band, and trying to become a salsa-dancing king, I was also learning how to run a business from square one. It felt like taking a beating every day to learn how to box.

I won’t sugar-coat it; it was f**king hard!!!

Sometimes I would go for weeks without making progress. Or sometimes I thought all was going well only to have it all come crashing down. Back to square one, with just a single lesson learned. If it wasn’t for my motivation-building techniques, I might have given up a thousand different times.

But I got through. I now have enough clients to make this a real full time job. I have the basic knowledge I need to grow this business.

How, you ask?

I want to share with you the main strategies and tactics that took me from an impossible idea to beginning the lifestyle of my dreams.

  1. Commit for life… or even death! I decided one day that I would become a coach, even if it took the rest of my life to figure out how to do it. I committed to dying before giving up. This actually relieved some pressure, because now there was no timeframe I had to meet, no deadline. Just a promise that could not be broken. A promise that every day I would take another step towards my goal. No matter what, I would never, ever give up.
  2. Allow people to support you. Some people like to achieve success and then say “despite all the haters and the people who doubted me, look at me, I made it”. That’s weak. I am here to tell you that I probably could not have done this without the support. From friends simply saying “Oh yeah, you’d be good at that”, to family listening to me offload my frustrations and fears, to the thousands I’ve invested in my fantastic coach. The support of others is crucial. Cultivate it, seek it out, and pay for it when it’s appropriate. You are better when supported than you are alone.
  3. Invest with everything you got. Time, money, energy and effort all need to be maxed out. If you want the big dream to come true, you can’t hold back. Set hours per day that are dedicated to your goal without interruption. Budget as much money as you can possibly spare, and find more where you can. Keep yourself fit, healthy and as stress-free as possible to increase your productivity.
  4. Be prepared to fail, over and over again. Failure is not the end. It is just the beginning. If you dedicate to being willing to learn by trial and error, you will not be put off when it doesn’t work. You simply learn, adapt and try again.

These might seem like simple steps but it can feel almost impossible to follow them. That’s what I can help you with. I can show you HOW to do what all the experts say you need to do.

And because I’ve been through it all myself, I won’t be just pretending to understand your situation. I’ve really lived it!

I can help you make it simple and achievable, and most importantly, I can help you take the action you need to take.

Probably a good time to talk about my special offer, right?

If you’re still reading at this point, then you’re probably interested, and I want to make sure you capitalise on that motivation and insight you’re experiencing right now.

As a celebration of me breaking free and starting my dream life, I will offer 25% off my 3 and 6 month coaching programs to the first 3 people to sign up.

(It was originally 4 but I just invited a new client to join me halfway through writing this post!)

So that’s it, next 3 spots get a MASSIVE DISCOUNT. If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to take your life to the next level with some expert guidance and support, NOW is the time to act.

To gain a clear vision of what you need to do within the next 1-5 years, so that your daily activities have a clear PURPOSE and you are achieving your mission in life;

To identify and overcome any unhelpful beliefs or thought-patterns, so that you build superior self-confidence and are no longer held back by misconceptions, excuses or doubt;

To learn how to strategize, write goals, and plan your weekly activities for success, so that you simply follow your goals and know for sure that they will get you to the dream life;

To learn how to motivate yourself on a long term basis, so that you can build up strong ambition and never have to worry again about not achieving, or failing to complete something you set your mind to.

Apply for a free introductory coaching session by emailing me at with a message saying “I’m ready to succeed!” (or something like that – surprise me).

After this session, if we both feel that we want to work together further, you could be entitled to that huge discount. Only if you get in quick.

Check out my new office!

dream come true confidence building career coach

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