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So I had a dude hassling me in the comments section the other day, around how I’m too absolute about honesty, too hard out about it, and that there’s an exception to every rule etc.

And I thought, maybe it’s a good time to restate what it is that I do here.

If you’re looking for someone who will condone your dishonesty; who will say it’s okay to lie and deceive and manipulate people, even in the smallest way or in extreme examples, you’ve come to the wrong place.

I’m not going to say that.

My work is for people who want to live with integrity, and see any breach of integrity as a failure. (Integrity being defined as a mental and physical cohesion; an honest congruence between your inner mind and outer expressions and behaviour).

My work is inspired by working with criminal offenders, and observing that nearly all harmful behaviour is a process that is dependent on dishonesty (e.g. see how hard it is to steal from someone when you first tell them you’re going to do it ).

It’s based on my personal experience of changing from being a mostly dishonest person into a mostly honest person, and seeing a dramatic improvement in every area of my life as a result.

It’s based on seeing this same effect play out for hundreds of my clients, where 99% of their suffering can be correlated to previous dishonesty, and how quickly and effectively it’s resolved by honesty.

Now, none of us can do it 100%.

I fail on a weekly basis at the very least. Sometimes, I don’t even know what integrity is until I fuck it up and go, “Whoops!”

It’s not about perfection. But I try to get to 100%, and I do my best to make up for my failures, and the people following my content should be on a similar path, or otherwise I’m just not the right person for you.

If you’re also committed to integrity, then check out my 3X Confidence and Authenticity Masterclass (free sample video here)

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  1. I am still open to feedback, but I won’t entertain some anonymous online troll hassling me to validate his desire to be dishonest

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