Does everyone need a coach to feel good enough?

The Cucumber Talks podcast reviewed some of my work and ideas recently, and challenged me on a few things. Today I address their questions:

– Does someone always need a coach?

– Does self-development keep you trapped in feeling not good enough? (Shouldn’t we just accept who we are as we are?)

– Do I really believe it’s all mind over matter?

– Is there really a “better” way to live, objectively?

Check out the original podcast episode here:

Does someone always need a coach?

Life coaching, as it’s often called (I hate that term), is about hiring someone to discuss your life with you and help you make progress in self-development. There are many different types of coach and life coaches out there. I myself am a Confidence Coach (although I sometimes call myself an Integrity Coach), and there are many others like business coach, business mentor, success coach, high performance coach… the list goes on and on. But the real question is: does everyone need a coach? Many people have lived their entire lives successfully without ever once hiring a coach, while others have a coach all the time. This is kind of like asking “Should everyone get therapy?” – and in this video I answer it.

Does self-development keep you trapped in feeling not good enough?

One of the problems with the self help industry is that it often causes you to feel like self improvement is a never ending process with no satisfaction, because you can always be better. Many people translate this to mean you’re not good enough. And it’s true: for many people self-development becomes a bottomless pit of the not good enough story. In this video I address how to work on yourself without feeling like you could always be better.

Do I really believe it’s all mind over matter?

The Cucumber Podcast crew have the impression that I believe that everything is just a matter of perspective: that you can essentially will yourself through any situation, and that we’re only ever bothered or hurt by something because we view it in a certain way (similar to the Stoicism philosophy). This isn’t quite what I believe, but it is close. In this video I talk about how I view the difference between external and internal control. Is there really a “better” way to live, objectively? This is really the ultimate debate. Can anyone tell you how to live? Is there any way of living that is objectively better than other ways of living? I’m quite certain there is, but it depends on what you mean by “better”. In this video, I explain how you can definitely find a better way to live if you define “better” as “higher quality of life and confidence”.

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