Do you react to stress like a toddler?

You can tell when a toddler is over-stimulated or over-tired.

They’re really hyperactive. They want to do all sorts of stuff and they flick through dozens of ideas. They’re bursting with brittle, manic energy, and are clearly one step away from a proper meltdown.

Yet if you suggest they should have a nap or rest quietly, they resist with everything they’ve got, strenuously denying their need for calm-down time.

We know as adults they really need to chill out. They need to release all that energy and just take some time to recover and process.

And yet, when we as grown up adults find ourselves in a state where our mind’s full of ideas, pushing us to be really busy, stressing out over all sorts of little things, trying to make us do more than we have time to do, and do all the things that don’t really matter, we listen to it as if it’s true!

“Oh man, I better get on to that shit! I need to finish the whole to do list! I better get onto frantically cleaning the house! Oh my god, I’m just so busy!”

This is the adult version of what is obvious in a toddler.

This is a mind that needs to rest, a mind that needs to calm down, a mind that needs to do fucking less not more.

And if you react to our mind when it’s burning hot like this with things like meditation and journaling and going for a long walk, you’ll see it’s what you really needed.

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  1. A helpful frame to maintain is that a sense of being “busy” is always an illusion – you’re always doing more than you need to do.

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