Day 4: The Problem with Asking Questions

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I debated with myself whether to share this next sample video from this, because not only is it controversial, it just might be the most powerful tool in the course.

I’ll let you decide for yourselves how you feel about it.

The Problem with Asking Questions: Using Statements for a More Meaningful Conversation

If you want to develop deep connections and healthy relationships with communication skills that are authentic, you need to learn the art of creating a conversation that doesn’t include questions.

Any questions.

When you interview someone with questions, you imbalance the investment in the relationship and make it impossible for rapport building to happen.

It’s also a sign of lacking confidence, showing that you’re trying to make the conversation keep going (you’re afraid of losing rapport), and that you have shame around sharing information about yourself.

By learning to phase questions out of your conversations, you’ll become a more socially confident and well loved person, and you’ll see questions as the manipulative tool they really are.

Check out the video here: 


“I am learning a bunch!”

Angie K.

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