Day 3: The Power of Active Listening

I’ve been getting some great feedback on the Building Rapport course this week.

Today it’s only $39.99!

Tomorrow morning, the price will go up another $10.

One lecture that I was surprised to discover was so popular was this one here, check it out.

The Power of Active Listening: Strategies for Effective Communication

In this video, we’re going to talk about the power of active listening, which is a strategy for really effective communication.

Being able to listen powerfully is half of the recipe for building rapport. If you can’t do this right, you cannot connect deeply with people.

They have to feel heard by you, they have to feel understood by you, or at least see that you’re trying. So if you get this right, that’s half your work done.

And this is the bit where you’re completely silent!

Check out the video here: 


“It helps me develop my connection and conversational skills (ie; Rapport). There’s a lot of new techniques and reiteration of old.”

Paul McIntosh

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P.S. This course is free for all $19/month subscription members and 1:1 coaching clients. Just email me to get your access link. The smart ones out there will realise that they can sign up for membership to get this course and all the others for a fraction of the price!

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