Day 2: How to Effortlessly Keep a Conversation Going

Yo guys

Wow, big first day of the launch! Thank you all for your love and support, and congrats to those of you who got in early to claim their bonuses.

Today it’s only $29.99!

Tomorrow morning, the price will go up another $10.

Today, I’ll give you a taste of what’s in the Building Rapport course, with one of the most popular videos:

The 3X Model: How to Keep a Genuine Conversation Going Effortlessly

Using the 3X Model for confident conversations ensures that you never run out of things to say. You don’t need to be fake or manipulative to build rapport and have a great conversation.

Communication skills are mostly about being more honest, listening carefully, and thinking of interesting things to say.

This is easier than it sounds, especially when you’re being authentic and are willing to let go of your attachment to outcomes. The 3X Model contains some of my best dating and relationship advice.

Check out the video here: 


“Loving this course, I find it insightful, easy to follow, easy to implement, love Dans presentation style, come across like a virtual best mate from the pub, Would recommend this to anyone wishing to be more out going, more verbally expressive in the work place. Or any one who wishes to Network or expand their friend base.”

Lev Mooney

And if you’re ready to register for the course and become a master of communication for just $29.99, click here now.

Don’t forget the bonuses!

The first 5 people to buy get a free 1:1 coaching session worth $500!!

The first 25 people to buy get invited to rapport building live Q+A session with me

The first 50 people to buy get another course of their choice for free, worth up to $150

And the first 100 people to buy get a free copy of any of my books





P.S. This course is free for all $19/month subscription members and 1:1 coaching clients. Just email me to get your access link. The smart ones out there will realise that they can sign up for membership to get this course and all the others for a fraction of the price!

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