Dating Confidently – A few tips for Singles

A guest post by Mary Roberts

Confidence is a key that can help you get women, no matter whether they belong to, if you are looking to date Latin singles or Asian women or Afro-Americans, you will surely require to develop some serious self-confidence.

Lack of confidence is the root cause of failure while dating women, once you learn to overcome the fear of rejection and start acting confident about yourself, you become undisputed.

Did you ever get jealous of the rich guy who has a lot of women around him and you thought that all the women are with him because of the money he has? Then you are wrong. Most of the women are with a rich guy not because of the amount of money they have but the amount of self-confidence they carry.

Many surveys have stated that women love to be around confident men, your muscle power won’t matter if you have achieved a higher level of self-confidence.

Keep calm and stay relaxed

No matter, whether you are confident or not, if you can stay calm and relaxed, you will leave a positive impression. Let’s talk about some basic tips to stay calm and relaxed.

  • Breath: no matter how anxious you are before meeting your dream girl you need to calm yourself first in order to impress her, instead of stressing about different things concentrate on your breath and take 10 deep breath.
  • Smile: you can call it a hack but your body tends to behave positively every time you smile, so try to have a big smile on your face.
  • Loosen up: unconsciously your muscles get stiff everything you are stressed out. Focus on your senses and relax your muscles.

Lift heavy

If you are not a big fan of lifting weight then you should start lifting heavy, lifting heavy have multiple benefits on your body and will help you gain confidence over everything. Here are some of the reasons to lift heavy:

  • It boosts your testosterone levels that help in feeling more energetic and confident.
  • Lifting heavy improves your body’s pasture and assist in displaying superior body language.
  • It makes you look big and confident; did you ever met a big guy with low confidence levels?
  • It makes you strong; mentally and physically strong.

Dress to impress

Don’t you feel confident when you wear your perfectly fitted favorite suit? And don’t you feel discouraged when you wear a boring piece of cloth?

You can’t always control your confidence level, sometimes you need to let it come automatically when you wear your favorite dress your brain release hormones that make you feel more confident and happy.

This confidence is not just confined to your happiness but women are able to feel it.

Master strong body language

Good body language plays a vital role in boosting the confidence levels and has psychological effects on brain.

Strong body language helps in the production of more testosterone, which makes you feel more energetic and help you leave better impression. Some of the tips for positive body language:

  • Learn to stay aware of your stance, avoid hunchback posture; try to keep your chin up and chest broad.
  • Many men shrink themselves while attempting for an interview or date, learn to utilize the empty space around and represent confidence.
  • Practice strong eye contact, but that doesn’t mean staring. Eye contact is a key to display the confidence and your readiness to take action.


Do you visualize success in your daily life? No? Then you should probably start doing it now.

Visualization possess great power within itself, it helps you get more confident to achieve your goals. Now if you are thinking how does visualization is going to affect your date then let me explain it to you.

Visualization gives you the energy to believe in your goals and when you talk about your future goals while having a conversation with your date you transmit that energy to her in developing faith in you, and developing a positive attitude towards you and your goals.


Now next trick is just as important as visualizing your goals. You might feel silly for smiling for no reason but a smile has a bigger impact on your brain. Here are some of the ways smile can help you boost your self-confidence.

  • Studies have shown that smile make you look younger through providing you a mini facelift.
  • Everything you smile your brain releases many hormones like Dopamine, endorphins, serotonin, etc and your brain create a sense of well being. A sense of well being lead to obtaining greater energy and self-confidence.
  • Smile make you seem courteous, happy and more eligible to date, no women like to see the boring face on a special date.

Let her chase you

An attack is the best form of defense, one of the best ways to stay confident is to make her chase you instead of trying to chase her. There are some psychological tricks that can make her want to think about you and chase you let’s find out some of the tips.

  • Act like a good friend instead of making your date look like a business meeting. Acting like a good friend will help her develop more trust.
  • Develop a good amount of trust in the first meeting is a key to success, most of the women are truly worried about the level of trust she can put in you. Before asking her personal question let her know you better.
  • Tease her and built some sexual tension to make her go wild for you.

Confidence is not something that people are born with; it is something you develop over a period of time through life experiences.

Our tips will help you get over the anxiety and build for confidence but you won’t be able to see the instant results, practice is a key my friend and you will be required to practice the basic tips to gain a higher degree of confidence.




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