Dan Munro’s Coach-Training Program


The 12 Month Coach-Training Program is an intensive course designed to achieve three main objectives:

  • Train you in both simple and advanced 1:1 coaching practices and psychological techniques so that you can have conversations that massively transform peoples’ lives,
  • Teach you how to create a sustainable income from 1:1 coaching clients, workshops and group-coaching, without resorting to manipulative sales techniques,
  • Significantly increase your own confidence, sense of purpose and leadership skills

In short: I will teach you everything you need to know to become a powerful coach who makes a full-time living exclusively from coaching.


This intensive coach-training program is most suitable for you, if:

  • you are dedicated to building massive self-confidence and sense of purposeful connection,
  • you already have experience coaching people and now you want to go pro,
  • you are keen to become a full-time coach and create your income from serving people,
  • you are deeply passionate about helping people become more confident and powerful,
  • you are willing to forgo quick-fixes and superficial tactics, and build your business slowly but surely using authenticity
  • you are prepared to go all-in and invest in this education as if you’re doing a University degree

This program may NOT be suitable for you if you are:

  • unwilling or unable to invest time, money, courage and effort into your own self-development/training
  • have no experience coaching, and have not tried to build this business on your own at all yet
  • uninterested in supporting others on their self-development journey
  • too socially anxious to find the courage to reach out to potential clients and build relationships
  • Not sure about prioritising becoming a coach as a key part of your life
  • unwilling to accept that your confidence can be increased


In 2013, on a whim after publishing my first book, I took on two associates as coaching ‘clients’, and coached them for free for 6 months in exchange for letting me practice on them.

8 months later, after having a beer with an old friend and telling her about what I was doing, I agreed to coach her in exchange for money. Shortly after that, I met a guy in my dance class who needed some support – after an in-depth session, he emptied his life savings to work with me.

In March of 2014, after signing up another half-dozen paying clients, I handed in my notice after working for 7 years as an employee at Dept of Corrections. (3 months after that, I completely ran out of money!)

In 2015 I had my first 5-figure month. Later that year, I got a loan from my parents because I ran out of money… again. By this time, I’d also set up the BROJO community, and we’d meet every week.

In 2017, I ran my first full on workshops and group-coaching programs.

In 2019, I had my first 6-figure year as a coach (though still paying off my loan). As an expert in the honesty/integrity niche, I started getting invited onto high-profile podcasts. In this year I had my 100th paying 1:1 client. One of my coach-training clients started having 5-figure months.

In 2022, my 1:1 clients come to me and many of them are repeat clients. I financially maintained my business through COVID and reducing my workload significantly to be an involved dad.

No special marketing tricks. No cookie-cutter coaching techniques. No SEO or online tactics (none that worked anyway). No compromising my beliefs or integrity… well, ok, sometimes I slipped, but it didn’t help.

Just building relationships one at a time. Just creating helpful pieces of content for one person at a time. Just coaching people using proven psychological practices one person at a time. Over and over again until I mastered it.

And you can too.


Coaching Skills Leadership Skills Business Skills Personal Skills
●    Active/Reflective Listening


●    Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT)


●    Storytelling


●    Eliciting values


●    Socratic questioning


●    Destroying limiting beliefs


●    Creating cognitive dissonance


●    Advanced reframing techniques


●    Risk-taking


●    Authenticity and vulnerability in public


●    Role-modeling leadership behaviours


●    Confident speaking techniques


●    Confrontation and Boundary-setting


●    How to build a community group that delivers clients to you

●    Building a Client Database from zero


●    Honest & Ethical Marketing Practices


●    Building long-term relationships


●    Having money conversations and enrolling


●    Content creation, promotion and publishing


●    Developing an expert niche

●    Vulnerably honest expression – shamelessness


●    Discipline and courage


●    Overcoming Imposter Syndrome


●    Breaking though financial limiting beliefs


●    Letting go of outcomes


●    Pure service and giving freely


●    Honesty and integrity


Each week, you will work with Dan to develop yourself into a coach who has strong coaching and business development skills. The 12-month program will be split into 2 phases, each lasting ~6 months.

In the first phase, the focus will be on developing the fundamentals of powerful coaching while building basic business/marketing skills (building relationships with clients and initiating new relationships). You will begin by practicing your coaching on free clients (unless you’re already at the stage where you’re charging for coaching). By the end of this phase, you will be able to coach anyone with consistently powerful results and will start charging money for your services.

In the second phase, you will learn more advanced coaching techniques and start creating content that will bring in clients, while making your business profitable and capable of supporting you with a full-time income. By the end of this phase, you will have set up a full-time coaching practice with the skills and confidence to work with leaders and confident people who impress you.

You will be provided with books, articles, videos and other resources to support your learning, as and when required.

Coaching-skills training;

  • Weekly 90min+ 1:1 coaching / training sessions with Dan
  • Reading materials, tools and exercises, and video training
  • You’ll sometimes be coaching Dan himself to get detailed feedback and identify strengths
  • As personal issues arise for you (they always will), we will have coaching sessions to help you overcome these psychological obstacles
  • Witnessing Dan coaching by being part of his group-coaching programs

Business skills training;

  • Finding and creating genuine client relationships one person at time, without needing to use any “sales” techniques
  • The enrolment discussion – learn how to work through the money conversation
  • Putting together your coaching pricing and packages
  • Learning to ensure your business is financially stable and profitable right from your first paycheck
  • Setting up content creation, social media and other channels for you to effectively deliver lead-developing value


The complete training course is $18,000 USD for the entire year. This can be paid in monthly installments of a minimum of $1000 USD.

While this is a significant investment, it is an especially important part of your personal coaching development. I have invested well over $100K in my own coaching development, and that is why after 6 years I now make over $100K per year in revenue.

You will learn to invite your clients to invest in themselves through your coaching at this level as well. In phase 2, you will be beginning to charge a minimum of $150 per hour for coaching with you. One of my former trainees was charging as much as I do within 12 months.

You will feel much more comfortable with this when you know you’d do the same for yourself. This investment will also help you decide if a) you believe I’m the right coach for you, and b) if you are really dedicated to becoming a full-time coach.

Of equal importance is the time, energy and courage you invest in this program. You will be required to leave your comfort-zone on a regular basis, show up fully to the 1:1 sessions, and to structure your week effectively to accommodate all the learning requirements.

You are signing up to a career in coaching! You must go all in for this to work out the way you hope it will.


Once the program is completed, you will be forever considered a VIP Client of mine. This will mean lifetime access to all of my groups and programs at no cost. You can continue as one of my group-coaching clients, and will always be considered a priority if you need my support.

You will also be connected with other coaches I’ve trained (and you are welcome to contact them prior to committing to this training with me). The support will essentially continue on indefinitely.


To ensure you feel safe in committing to this training program, I have some formal guarantees:

  • If, within the first 30 days of the program you wish to end the program for any reason, you can quit with a FULL money-back refund of any payments you’ve made, no questions asked,
  • You can quit the program at any time if it no longer suits you, with no financial penalty (just pay what you owe to date),
  • I will endeavour to deliver everything promised on this agreement, provided you follow through with the minimum required attendance and actions.


In short, this program is designed to support a new coach in creating a business that serves people powerfully and generates a decent income. I took me 5 years to figure out how to make a steady income with coaching, and I feel confident that if you follow the training and do your part, you can get there in 1 year.

I will guide you in all the foundation skills of coaching techniques, building client relationships from scratch, marketing, content creation and business growth. All you need to do is show up with a strong commitment to becoming a coach and a willingness to get uncomfortable to do the simple but necessary tasks required to build this business.

This is a realistic training program: no promises of overnight success and abundant wealth. You will learn solid practices and techniques, and build the mindset of a successful entrepreneur over time. You will fail and learn from your mistakes. You will slowly make real progress but not suddenly become a viral hit. You will learn to create a REAL coaching business.

The work will be sometimes uncomfortable, and require to face the possibility of rejection. You will be putting yourself out there and taking risks.

If, after reading through this, you believe that a) you are the right person for this, b) I am the right person to help you, and c) you are ready to invest in your education and career as a coach, then email me at


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