Culture shock! Dealing with your in-laws

“When you marry a woman, you marry her family”

Is this true? Does this oblige you to get involved with their dramas? Must you compromise who you are to get your in-laws to accept you, or at least to treat your partner better? Let’s answer these difficult questions.

When it comes to dealing with in-laws, especially ones you don’t like or see eye-to-eye with, you can actually endanger your relationship with your partner.

All marriages have problems and issues to resolve, but perhaps few are more complicated, frustrating and time-consuming than marrying into a family that either doesn’t approve of you, or has values that conflict with your own and force you to consider compromising your integrity for the sake of your partner, like the culture shock of joining a family with a completely different moral code to your own.

In this video, we explore how to deal with negative in-laws who conflict with you and already have a difficult or toxic relationship with your partner.

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