Core Values for Business and Career Development

Core values are the recipe ingredients for integrity, which is the lifeblood of self-confidence.

I also believe integrity is simply the most practical way to have success in your career. Not just the financial security type of success, but the much deeper rewards of doing something you love that feels meaningful with people you align with.

In this video, we explore the kinds of specific core values that I’ve seen have the best positive impact on people’s careers, be it employment, management, entrepreneurship, or business ownership.

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Full transcript (unedited)

four values the business. Now I’ve already covered like personal core values and core values in general, I want to look now specifically a vocation, your career, your job, your business, whatever you want to call it, the wealth element of your life. So whether you’re an entrepreneur or an owner, or an employee, I do believe some core values serve you better than others do in terms of which you should focus on. Now, this is just my opinion, I am an entrepreneur, myself, I’ve also been an employee, I’ve climbed up through management, so on and so forth. Of course, I’ve coached a lot of people in career development. And there’s certain values I’ve seen just have more success than others. So in this video, I’m looking at their collaboration between your integrity and also getting the kind of results you want, because they aren’t mutually exclusive. But as I’ve said, this is just my opinion that a lot of people are going to disagree with some of the things I’ve said here, it’s up to you to decide for yourself, say responsibility. Perhaps the best career advice I ever got was just, it was just the timing. And the way gave me an insight was, somebody said to me, no one gives a fuck about your career as much as you do. And it was this wake up call. Because at that time, I’d been relying on a lot of people, I was hoping for this to happen, hoping someone would invite me to this and offer me that and support me with this and encouraged me with that. I was kind of like, a baby waiting to be raised up by parents in my career. And somebody made it clear like, No, you’re a fucking adult. And all these people, every decision they make is going to be about their own career, even if they’re helping you, it’s because they think it’s best for themselves, doesn’t mean that they’re selfish or self centered. Exactly. It just means when it comes to their work, they’re going to be most motivated by what works for them, even if it’s subconscious, and just kind of woke me up to this idea that if I want my career to go, Well, if I want to enjoy what I do for a job or a vocation, I have to make that happen, and figure out what it is nice to go after it with some goddamn balls, and some risk taking and some cleverness, right? This idea that I can wait around for something to come to me, and then people will take care of me that my company likes me and would never hurt me. Those are delusions, and they’re dangerous delusions, victim mindset as they are I need to rely on others, your company doesn’t care about you, your clients will turn on you, if you don’t provide the value that you’re supposed to provide. Business will not grow itself. So you have to get out there and knock on some doors and make some phone calls. Right? That’s responsibility. Patience. I think a lot of people make short term knee jerk decisions out of fear for their finances, and so on and so forth. And they never see what it’s like to build something over the long term. Now, of course, you got to put food on your table. But you’d be surprised if you cut back on the luxuries. how little you need to do that. Develop a great vocation is going to take time iterations experiments, you’re going to get things wrong, you’re going to hit the few dead ends, as you sample and experiment and grow your way towards what you’re trying to build. Right? It might take years from when you started to where you’re at, like give you a sense of my coaching business. For the first five years, I went to people to offer my coaching services. It wasn’t until after five years about now even longer, maybe seven years of every week putting videos on YouTube, that people start to come to me from watching my videos. Right. And now people come to me a lot from watching my videos. So that took a long time to grow. Maybe it could have been done quicker by someone who knows more than me. Sure. But if I hadn’t been patient, if I hadn’t at the start of building my coaching business, say like at least wait five years before you decide if this is going to work out or not. You know, if I hadn’t had that long term vision in mind, I would have given up really quickly because the first couple of years were rough, more controversial one, honesty, that’s pretty much universally accepted by most people that you need to kind of lie and trick your way up to the top or to wherever it is you want to go. Whether it’s deceptive marketing, or talking shit in your job interview or people pleasing your boss, people are deceptive in the career space all the time. And I really don’t think that this works very well. It has a limited upside. Your boss will think you’re a nice person. You’ll trick a few people into being clients, you’ll get the job that you’re not qualified for maybe. But then what, what happens over the long term what happens when you get a bad reputation? Or you get squashed for being a people pleaser and you can’t move up and nobody respects you get the job that you shouldn’t have. You know, then what more lying impostor syndrome. Interception is short sighted. It leads you into positions we actually out of alignment. When people lie their way through their careers, they usually end up with a job they hate. It’s a dumb final position, they end up and I mean, I work with a lot of people to have this problem, they played the game. And it turns out, they didn’t want to actually win their game, the price sucks. If you’re honest, either from the start or from now on forwards, it will be a bit of a slower move, it’s harder to get forward. But once you get moving, it becomes very simple and quite easy. Because you never have to hide you never have to think you never have to play any sort of Machiavellian political games. You just are who you are. And your vocation will have to adapt to that. By it’s not the only value you need to live by and writing needs to live by some of the others we talk about. But if you’re honest as possible, all the way through, then in the long run, you end up in the best possible position to sacrifice some short term wins, though. You shouldn’t similar to patients, I guess. So maybe I’m repeating myself a little. But I found that building something great requires perseverance, and that there is no way to avoid big pockets of shall we say adversity. All right. I’ve never known a successful entrepreneur in the long term, who hasn’t had rough years, or at least rough weeks, who hasn’t been lost and confused and broke numerous times, but just kept going just held on to the vision, and just got up another day and had another crack at it until they got out of the valley. Right? There’s too many people who leave at the bottom of the valley, they think this didn’t work, I’m out, I bail or I just succumb to this thing. And I give up. Rather than going like just more perseverance, time served stay on track. And eventually you can climb out of this rupt that sometimes the rat feel very long, I’ve had whole years that were rough. So glad I waited and got through them. And what I learned in those years is so much more valuable than what I learned in the good years. generosity, people are very scarce in their careers trying to get mine, you know, as they’re trying to give to others. And when they give to others, it’s always transactional is to get more for themselves. And that gets you only so far, right? Eventually, that approach gives you a limited reputation, get to limited kind of results for your clients and so on. Generosity is about understanding that your value, whether it’s as an employee or an entrepreneur provider, is your ability to solve problems for other people. That’s all a business really is. It’s a problem solving device. Okay, it solves a problem for others. So if you try to solve that problem for others, as much as you possibly can beyond what you’re asked to do, where instead of fixating on getting your bank account filled or getting your status, you fixate on solving problems for others who kind of do well go ahead, ask any millionaire entrepreneur, whether they think what I just said is a good idea. Go on us. And on top of generosity, you might use the value of service. Okay, this idea of, I’m always looking to provide similar to the generosity idea, again, I’m repeating myself, but when I say service, I mean, you’re looking for the best win win situation, in every interaction, you have more competitive Doggy Dog types are looking for a win, lose, I win, you lose, I beat you. If it’s a client, I get your money, and I get more from your money than you get from me. Right? If it’s a work made, as I get promoted, and you don’t write, we’re a service services like how do I make sure we both come out better off because of this interaction? How do I lift us both up? That cheesy, Win Win idea, but actually looking for it? Instead of competing with your work, man? How do you make sure you both get promoted into something good, say trying to take from your client? How do you make sure you both feel like you got the best deal? Right and looking for that and try to act on it as often as possible. Humility, you can see this absence and corporations, when they get too big, they stop listening to their customers, and they just stagnate. Their growth dips off pretty considerably because they’re not trying to improve anymore. They don’t adapt like a small business or an entrepreneur mind. But if you just constantly humble yourself and think I could always be doing better. There’s always more I could learn. And you just keep that all the time. I’m probably wrong about something who knows what it is. I’ve got to look out for that. If you just keep that in mind all the time, then the only possible outcome is constant improvement. How’s that a bad thing for your career. last on my list though, there of course, more values. You can come up with assertiveness. You must protect your career, your art, your vocation, because there are people out there who would take it from you and ruin it and use you And it’s better to lose the job or lose the client tend to lose yourself. Too many people compromise themselves to keep a short term gain. If I just do what my boss asked me and work that unpaid overtime, listen, I keep my job, steer thinking big picture. If I stand up to my boss, either this job will improve, or I’ll leave and find a better one. And in five years time, I will be so glad that I stood up to regardless of what happens, standing up for yourself standing up for your business standing up for your clients, standing up for your staff, making sure nobody disrespects anybody else, including yourself. And if you want to learn the kind of art of bringing integrity into your career space and still getting good results, that losing it all get in touch And we’ll look at honest Korea Development

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