Confidence Quotes to Boost Your Courage and Bravery

Sometimes we just need some confidence boosters, little practical quotes and notes in your pocket to get you through the day.

So I want to share some quotes, memes and memorable sayings that’ll help boost your confidence on a daily basis in real life situations, and give you more courage in any given moment.

We’ll start with some questions that you can ask yourself throughout the day in certain situations to prompt you to be more courageous. And then some statements, little things that you can remind yourself of throughout the day, or again, bring up in certain situations to push you through a fear barrier.

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Full transcript (unedited)

conference quotes. Sometimes we just need all boosters, little practical notes in your pocket to get you through the day. So I want to share some you might call them memes or mimetics, they’ll help boost your confidence on a daily basis in real life situations give you more courage in any given moment, we’ll start with some questions, questions that you can ask yourself throughout the day, or in certain situations to like, want you to be more courageous. And then some statements, little things that you can remind yourself of throughout the day, or, again, bring up in certain situations to kind of push you through a fear barrier. Here’s my favorite question of all time, I made it up myself. And it was the key fundamental question that prompted my self development. What would a confident guy do right now, you can apply this in pretty much any fucking situation. And even if you’re not really sure what a confident guy is, an answer will pop into your head. It might just a theory kind of thing a draft, that an answer will always pop up a guess at least. And bravery would be to try and do that. Now being weary that might be asking too much, you can at least try a version on it. I remember the first or one of the first times asked myself this question. Back in my single days, I was trying to overcome my fear of talking to girls. I was in a shopping mall. And I saw three really pretty girls talking. And I try to ask myself, what would a confident guy do right now? And the answer was like that, you’d go talk to them. Now I didn’t have the courage to go and talk to them on that day. But I at least made eye contact I think at least made eye contact or waived a little bit. Or at the very least I knew what I would do. If I was confident I kind of see the goalpost by Okay, that’s the kind of behavior I’m aiming for, at least at this time in my life. So this question, what would a confident guy do right now kind of gives you a marker of where you’re trying to get to personally, in a very practical way, what’s the actual behavior I could do the thing I could say right now. And anything you can do towards that, even if it’s 10% of what it is, means you’re being a brave person, you’re lining up with being a brave person. So you ask yourself that question 10 times a day and try to answer it with a behavior, your confidence is going to skyrocket. Adding on to that is a slightly longer winded question. What’s the smallest and most realistic version of that action that I could attend to right now. So you’re dreaming of doing something big and brave and bold, but you’re intimidated by it? Usually, that’s fear trying to discourage you, what I call the Everest effect. It’s making it look like you gotta climb a mountain. But if you just ask yourself this question to access quantum part courage to break the thing down to something manageable, scores the smallest version of this I could actually do it thinking man, you know, I’ve been out of shape for like 10 years, I want to get to the gym workout and so on. To the too much to ask, well, the smallest version is I could just put on my sneakers and just go for a walk around the block me for a big walk and a lot. Can Elise just go for a walk by and I can drop and do 10 Push ups, or I can go to the gym with no obligation to do anything in particular, maybe I just walk on the treadmill for 10 minutes and go home. Maybe I just do some stretches and then bail. As long as I just do some small version of this. Anything more than zero is progress. And then tomorrow, I can ask the question again and see how much I can do. This is also a good way to get through a momentary dips and courage. Like maybe you’re having a rough time of the year, you just can’t do as much as you used to. You know, a lot of people on self development talk about only measure, you know, compared to your past self, but sometimes that’s an unfair measurement, because your past self was crushing it and you just don’t have those resources today. So rather than trying to like always beat your past, which is impossible. Ask yourself like, what am I capable of today? What small version of it? You know, I want to work out but I’m really sick, could at least eat healthy? I was the closest I can get to it today, then I’ll actually follow through. It’s an incredibly helpful question to remain a brave person. What action would I be proud of tomorrow? One way to look at self development and confidence building is service to your future self trying to make the life better trying to do today, where I’ll be happy I did tomorrow. And what I’ll be fucking stoked I did 10 years from now look at my coaching business, which has been running for like 10 years now. And I think back to their dad who handed in his notice at work to go full time with coach. I’m so fucking glad he did that. That was horrible for him. Right there just felt like you’re stepping off a cliff. But He paid their price for that. I’ve been able to do this for 10 years now. So I’m going to think of myself 10 years from now what uh, what I hope he wants, he wants to know that he spent quality time with his daughter and he’s not going to regret missing the opportunity connect with it. So every day even though sometimes I’m too tired or it’s a hassle or there’s other things I want to do. I get down on the floor and I play with some Lego and I have fun with my daughter because I know 10 years from Now I’ll be like, fucking right on, I’m so glad you put that effort in. And that was so much more important than the other shit you wanted to do. But the smallest version of this is just tomorrow’s guy. You know, you’re just about to eat that chocolate bar. And there’s an apple sitting right there. What is tomorrow guy I want you to do, can you maybe just do what he wants instead of what you want? I mean, if you’re already a people pleaser, make yourself the one you’re pleasing your future self. And then you can note it the next day like faqeer, I’m so glad you ate that airport cool on you, dude. And that is how you build self worth. You’re proud of your own behavior. classic one is just is this fear, rational or imagined? So you becoming detached observer and just going? Where am I getting this fear from? Is this from evidence? Is this a reasonable fear to have? Is this the kind of thing that causes lots of harm to people and myself? Or am I taking a big risk? You think about things that are objectively risky? Like getting into a cage with a lion, or BASE jumping, or drinking bleach? Right? These are things no matter who you are, these are very dangerous things to do. And then you look at the thing you’re afraid of and go, where does it rank according to those things? Like you’re afraid of applying for a promotion, we’ll get on Jet GBT or Google and go how many people died from applying for a promotion? Right, actually have a look at how legit This fear is, how dangerous the thing is, you’re doing get some percentages going. Now, this might not necessarily help you overcome the fear. But a lot of overcoming fear is just not believing the story that the thing is dangerous. That’s it. Just questioning that not instantly believing every fucking thought you have as if it’s just pure truth. And then your brain goes, Oh, my God, this scary you go, why? What’s going to happen? There’s something where you’re gonna happen to have evidence to back this up? Or am I just imagining that something might happen? And there’s really not a good case for that. My last question, which is particularly for building courage, just generally, which option is the least comfortable. Whenever you do anything, if you do it the least comfortable way, there’s some sort of bravery being built. You can have a warm shower or a cold shower. Now both ways you get clean, but the culture is more uncomfortable. you brush your teeth with your left hand instead of your right. It’s slightly more uncomfortable anything especially that’s emotionally uncomfortable, I could laugh at the guy’s joke or show the fact that I didn’t find it funny. I could walk the nice long way to the shops. It’s all sunny and nice and social, I can walk through the dark alley that I’m a little bit intimidated by even though it’s not really dangerous. Constantly trying to look for an uncomfortable option, you could choose just to endure more discomfort. Just to rack up some discomfort points. The more discomfort points you rack up the braver you are it’s as simple as that. Let’s finish with some statements. You can have these printed out somewhere you can have them on your phone as little reminders, little things that prompt you to just get through tough times and be a little braver, the stoic, classic, this too shall pass. Whether you’re having a good time or a bad time. It’s like a cloud in the sky and there’s not going to stay there forever. This has really helped me with things like confrontations and other like conflict situations that I find really uncomfortable was there’s no way this is going to last forever. Even there’s a time where like four guys are beating the shit out of me. They’re not going to beat me up forever. Right? They got to go home at some point. And it did come to an end. It only lasted like half a minute. That was pretty horrible. 30 seconds to be sure, but it went away. And there’s been great times to you know, you have an orgasm. This too shall pass this idea that like a lot of bravery is just an endurance. It’s just about not running away during an uncomfortable thing. And just knowing that, hey, if I can just stay still, the other thing will move on. If I just stay still that cloud that’s raining on me, we’ll slowly move on and dust off. You know, your boss is lecturing you and you feel really uncomfortable. You just want to placate them and just see what he wants to hear so that he’ll stop to stay silent. And you’ll notice how at some point he’s gonna go the toilet somewhere he wants to go home. He doesn’t want to have this conversation forever. Can you outlast them? Just our last thing is bravery. Just staying in longer than you want to as bravery. This too shall pass. Similar to that as statement. This is no worse than anything I’ve survived before. It is very, very rare that you’re heading a personal base was suffering. If you’re an adult you be suffering is probably behind you is probably in childhood, right? There is sometimes exceptions to that. But most of you have already had your worst moment in life, really. And in fact, future worst moments will just be a result of previous trauma. You know, there’s studies that show that guys who are PTSD from war, actually also have trauma from childhood and the wars kicked off their trauma guys who don’t have trauma from childhood Don’t get PTSD from war. So this idea that this is the worst thing that ever happened to you, that’s very unlikely. And everything else that’s happened to you, that’s worse you got through it. I don’t mean they use successfully won the result you wanted. But you’re here now watching this. So you got through it, you’re gonna get through this thing as well. You know, I’ve been in times where I’m just struggling, I really struggle with airports, right? Some people are afraid to fly, I’m afraid if I’m in the airport, I’ve had so many things go wrong at airports, just the consequence of traveling a lot, you know, to stacking up the odds, and I’m disorganized. So I get to the airport on his off block. And here we go, you know. But I think about times where I’ve missed flights, even at times where I’ve lost passports, think about times when I was detained by customs and didn’t know if I was going to be learned to the country or not. I think well, all of those are behind me, I must have survived them. So whatever fucking gonna happen at this airport is probably not gonna be the worst experience I’ve ever had in the airport, it’s certainly not going to be the worst experience within my life. And so if it’s anything less than what I’ve already been through, then I’m gonna get through this to enough time will pass and I will be in a position again, in the future, where I’m not suffering. Another statement, just show up and do as much as you can then bail. We might call us permission to quit. See, most of bravery is just showing up. As cheesy as it sounds, it’s just getting to the gym. It’s just starting the conversation with the stranger. It’s just registering your business online, it’s the little thing that got the process started. Fear is mostly about stopping the process from beginning. And one of the tricks that fear will do is make you think that once you started, you can’t stop and all that to quit. In fact, we get conditioned with us as children, it’s bad to quit, actually, it’s fine to quit. In fact, you need permission to quit in order to be brave, you need to know that you will bail when it gets too much that you will not force yourself to do a too much or more than you can handle. So if you know like I’ll just show up, take as much of it as I can handle and then stop. Whatever amount of time that is brave moments. Let’s say you’re scared of going to your first dance class, just show up to the dance class. You don’t have to see it all the way through. You don’t have to sign up to the eight week course. Just Dance as long as you can. And if it gets too much for you, you’re allowed to make your excuses and bail. As long as you got their permission, then it’s not so scary showing up knowing that you won’t have to undo the whole thing knowing that you’re allowed to end it. Knowing that you can register a business and then decide the next day No, no stay an employer, you’re allowed to do that. Right but make the decision after you’ve shown Mike is a dance class and you get dancing like this is all right. Okay, then stay to the end. If you don’t feel that way, then leave because just showing up was a huge act of bravery. You’ve already made progress. Just start moving. This is a really important one for when you get frozen. And sometimes it means literally to physically move in some way shape or form. Do not sit still and allow your mind to just dominate your existence. Let’s say you’re scared of talking to a stranger, you’re looking at them you’re starting to get all worked up in your mind catastrophizing what might happen you just frozen on the spot, just wipe yourself I’m gonna move my feet I didn’t give a moving towards her away from her or climbing the fucking ceiling get moving. Don’t sit here and bathe in the sphere. Any kind of movement in the direction that you want to be going at this point when you’re already frozen with fear it’s going to be bravery points. Let’s say you want their job promotion but you just can’t even think about doing you’re just frozen there at least open up the application type your name and like get some movement going with no kind of obligation to actually follow through on the whole thing. Just don’t ever stay still don’t stay frozen Frozen is the worst place ever spin off to quit and move away completely then to freeze this one may or may not help it works for me. I tell myself whenever damage is done I’ll fix it a lot of bravery like when I talk about my clients is this idea of making me something cleaned it up a lot of people were trying to get perfection going in their mind before they take an action of course they never move but if you’re allowed to do it imperfectly allowed to do a messy with just basic knowledge the new way to get moving and make progress and one way to ensure this is to make a promise to yourself look if it does go wrong everything goes to shit off fix all right I’m good at fixing stuff. Let’s go to ask are there girl or she’s deeply offended all apologize, and I’ll talk to her until it’s fixed and I’ll fucking pay for lunch if that’s what makes up I’ll do whatever it takes to make up for any damage I may or may not do. Right there’s promised yourself that you will try your best to fix it. Because you usually can’t fix stuff you just forget when you’re trying to be brave like oh, this big disaster will happen well so what if it does what will you do about that disaster? How will you fix it? Actually have that in mind as you start walking towards that potential disaster right it’s okay if it goes wrong or If I can sort it out, let’s just see what happens. A lot of cowardice and a lot of anxiety comes from trying to get a result. And trying to make something happen. If you switch into curiosity of like, let’s just do an experiment, let’s just see what happens. Any results fine. I just want to know, that actually negates a lot of the fear. Because a lot of the fear comes from the pressure to achieve the goal, you take the goal away, you take the pressure away, take the fear away. So whenever you’re trying to get a result, and you’re attached to outcomes, and you’re getting all panicky about it, just take the outcome away to say, You know what, let’s just see what happens rather than trying to make something happen. I’ll be proud of myself after what you’re looking to do with this statement is to put on your mind how you’re going to feel about this later, when it’s all said and done. Right? How you might feel about it tomorrow, why you might feel about it five years from now. Like I’ve actually had the question earlier in the video, you know, how can I make myself proud of myself tomorrow, you can actually tap into that feeling. So when you go to do the thing, I’m so scared of like, telling my boss that I disagree with him. Think how I feel after I’ve told him I’ve disagreed with him, and the conversations over and I’m back on my desk. How I feel when I think about it tonight that I finally stood up for myself. And when that feeling comes up the roof and act on it, and my final one and this was a game changer for me. No matter what happens, it’s better than a lifetime of cowardice. One of the things I really especially got me over my fear of rejection is that there’s no rejection that’s worse than a life not lived. Then 1000 1000 missed opportunities and wondering what if the thing that used to hold me the most special with girls and dating is the amount of times that I did nothing and I’m not sure what would have happened there was no rejection that’s worse than or uncertainty than lying awake at night. I fuck I should have just said something to 1000s and 1000s of of opportunities down the toilet because I didn’t act at some point I thought you know what? I’d rather hear no, then have to guess what might have happened. One no is not as bad as lying awake at night at least with the rejection or the bad consequence or whatever. I get to go home and go fuck and at least I tried. You know, this is the guy I want to be so didn’t go in my favor. At least I don’t have to guess. And actually the results no worse than if I’d done nothing at all anyway. So of course if you want help to become more courageous and you need more than just a few memes and notes to get through that get in touch I’ll help you systematically build your courage over time.

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