6 Tips to Help You Stay Disciplined… Going to the Gym

    Ever since I got out of physical-labour type work, I knew I had to develop a disciplined exercise regime at the gym. While I have some physical hobbies, they’re not enough to counteract the sedentary nature of my work, which is mostly sitting around and talking. I have now been going to the gym regularly without fail for Read More

Rescue Your Sanity With A Quick 2 Step Stress Plan

  Are you stressed at work? Here’s something you need to realize: its all you! Pressure and stress are not the same thing; stress is your reaction to pressure Easiest way to reduce stress is to stop yourself thinking about things over and over in a negative way. 1) PAY ATTENTION Catch yourself out when you’re constantly over-thinking about something Read More

Using Scientific Method To Improve Your Life

Just a quick insight for today’s post, which is all about the strategy or methodology behind how I change myself. This framework is behind all of the work I do with clients and staff to help them succeed at their goals better, faster and easier. OK, maybe fun isn’t a word you would all use, unless you’re scientists, however science Read More


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