How To Talk With Confidence: 7 public speaking tips

Have you ever seen yourself on video, or heard yourself speaking on a recording, and felt uncomfortable? Sometimes it can be shocking to see or hear yourself as others do. In this video I will go through my top 7 practical public speaking tips, to show you how to talk with confidence. This is an area that many people let themselves down without being aware of it. Read More

Anxiety Self Help: How To Change Your State Of Mind

Overcoming anxiety can feel impossible. Once you apply a planned strategy to high anxiety situations, things can change for you. Learn how to plan for a high-anxiety event using my simple to follow step-by-step guide. Read More

10 Quick Time Saving Tips: Life Hacks For More Productivity

Time is more than just precious, it is in fact the very template of all life. Don't waste the one resource that actually matters. With my 10 quick time-saving tips, you can take you time-management and happiness to the next level. 'Busy' is not a good thing, but you've been trained to believe it is. Read More

The Brute Force Method of Success

  Imagine I tell you that if you can figure out the password to my bank account, I’ll let you withdraw $1million. You can take as much time as you want. However all you get to know to start off with is that it’s 20 digits in length. What would you do? If you are familiar with code-breaking as a Read More

Easy Confrontations: How To Be Assertive Without Conflict

After many years of working with offenders and managing staff, I’ve slowly learned to overcome my fear of confrontation. At first, when a tattooed up gang member would yell at me and cry and threaten, I would fold like deck-chair. Slowly, over time, I learned to use exercises, templates and courage to become more assertive. This built my confidence which in turn built my assertiveness. By stepping out of my comfort zone a little more each day, I finally got to the point where I was ready to face any challenger. Read More

A Beginner’s Guide to Managing Manipulation (lite edition)

  I have created an article on managing manipulation for For now, here’s a light version of the main styles of negative manipulation and how you can manage them to stay in control of your world. There are four main types of manipulation and I used to be subjected to these every day, so I will quickly go through Read More

How ‘Split Testing’ Guarantees Success

Just a quick one for you here. Have you ever wanted to have a bullet-proof method for improvement, where you know FOR SURE that you will get better and better over time? No matter what circumstances or situation you apply it to? Introducing…. (drum roll)… SPLIT-TESTING!!! Split-testing is a concept I’ve only recently realised the power of, so I wanted Read More

Are Leaders Born or Made? The Top 5 Leadership Mistakes

  Do you manage staff? If so, there’s a good chance you feel like you are out on your own, under-supported, and potentially lacking the knowledge you need to do your job effectively. Are leaders born or made? Many higher level managers believe that leaders are ‘natural’, and this assumption tends to discourage them from bothering to develop and coach Read More

Proven Strategies To Boost Your Career Progress

I have figured out what no-one else is telling you about how to move up, get promoted, and have a bigger influence... WITHOUT sacrificing your integrity or using backhanded tactics. Read More


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