Dating Confidently – A few tips for Singles

A guest post by Mary Roberts Confidence is a key that can help you get women, no matter whether they belong to, if you are looking to date Latin singles or Asian women or Afro-Americans, you will surely require to develop some serious self-confidence. Lack of confidence is the root cause of failure while dating women, once you learn to Read More

Quantity vs Quality: Which are you chasing?

We live in a global society where your quality of life is often measured in terms of quantity. Your wealth, the achievement of your goals, how much money you got in the bank, how much people love and approve of you. There are, however, other things that matter. Read More

Life is Not Fair (Get Used to It)

The Universe is not fair, but it can be respected. You can work with the cards you’ve been dealt as best as possible. First, you must let go of your fantasies and ideals. Read More

Modesty and Humility Are Lies! Share Your Strengths

Hiding your strengths can be extremely damaging to your confidence. Humility and modesty are essentially lies, and bragging is not the same as honestly expressing your successes and skills (particularly during a job interview). In this video we look at moving from humble to honest.

My top 10 most recommended books on confidence

Usually I promote my own content, naturally, but today I wanted to mix it up and give you some insight as to where all my ideas come from. These books all contributed directly to me building confidence, and I believe they can do the same for you. For those of you interested in developing massive self-confidence – particularly you people Read More

How to Achieve Wellness While Living With Cancer

Guest post by Hazel Bridges A cancer diagnosis forces one to confront their own mortality, which can take a dramatic toll emotionally and psychologically. But living with this disease does not have to be a constant struggle as many patients, doctors and caregivers have found ways to alleviate the mental suffering, ultimately leading to a healthy state of mind and Read More

The 5 Different Types of Bullies… and How to Deal With Them

Most bullying prevention strategies don't protect you from personal attacks or teach you how to stand up for yourself. Confidence building is the key to stop being too sensitive, however you should know the unique methods for the different types of bullies. Read More

How I Overcame Chronic Social Anxiety

In the video above, I share my personal journey with chronic social anxiety. I spent a huge portion of my early life feeling anxious and nervous in social situations, especially when I was around people I was attracted to. But, I learned how to overcome it, and you can too. Read More


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