Energeia Podcast: Why Most “Nice Guys” Are Liars and Thieves

In this episode, we discuss the severely problematic nature of "Nice Guy syndrome" and attendant issues of people-pleasing, as well as the significance of the origins and causes of these issues, and the most fruitful ways of undoing or preventing this deleterious behaviour. Read More

Control: The REAL reason Nice Guys do ANYTHING

Build your confidence and connections with my Powerful Honesty course on Udemy People-pleasing and Nice Guy Syndrome are all about one thing more than anything else: Control. Nice Guys often struggle with self-awareness, unable to see that everything they do is a subtle or overt manipulation to control other people and outcomes. Nice Guys are so obsessed with control in Read More

People-pleasers & Nice Guys are NOT honest

Build your confidence and connections with my Powerful Honesty course on Udemy: One of the ways in which people-pleasers and Nice Guys manage to live with the near-constant manipulation that they subject others to is that they convince themselves that they are in fact being genuine. It’s hard to believe that you’re a “good person” if you’re also a Read More

Making people happy is bad

You think that making people happy is a good thing, and means that you’re a good person… right? Have you ever stopped for a while to question that? “Making people happy” is the term we use to describe selfishly manipulating people’s emotions into a range that we think they enjoy (and will therefore like us more), and that we find Read More

Diagnosis: Are you a Nice Guy or People Pleaser? Find out!

Nice Guy / People Pleasing Syndrome – as first properly described by Dr Robert Glover in his book “No More Mr Nice Guy” – covers a vast range of people, and not everyone is the same. However, there are key symptoms that are common amongst most of the sufferers, one of the first unfortunately being that most of them are Read More

Are you a Nice Guy or a Psychopath?

It’s pretty common for Nice Guys and people pleasers to lose their ability to feel basic emotions, and eventually become pseudo-psychopathic. Here’s why and how it happens, and what we can do about it. Key notes: – I grew up shamed for having emotions emotions – eg called a crybaby in school – by 21 I felt nothing – I Read More

The key elements to Nice Guy Recovery

I’ve been helping Nice Guys/Girls and people-pleasers recover from this mental illness for nearly 8 years now, not to mention being in recovery myself for more than a decade. Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about this syndrome. It takes different forms for different people, and there are different types of Nice Guys. No one NG is the same Read More

American Murder: why Nice Guys need to STOP people pleasing

The Netflix documentary American Murder: The Family Next Door perfectly demonstrates the darkness and rage that lies in the heart of every people-pleasing Nice Guy. Let’s talk about how to manage anger more safely. Treat yourself to a copy of Dan Munro’s new book “THE NAKED TRUTH: Using Powerful Honesty to Enhance Your Confidence, Connections and Integrity” In the Read More

Coaching with Dan Munro: Everything You Need to Know

I’ve put this video together for anyone curious about getting coaching with me for integrity, confidence and connections. This video includes: – What coaching is – Why get coaching – Who is right for coaching (and who isn’t) – The process for getting started – Options and investment Worth a watch if you’re a Nice Guy or people pleaser who’d Read More

“Oneitis” – How to Get Over Your Crush (Part 1)

Watch the video above or read the post below This one is on a specific question that’s come up many times, where the people I’ve worked with are cursed with something called “one-itis,” which actually comes from the Pickup Artist community. It’s in reference to an adult who’s basically developed an intense crush on someone, the kind of crush you Read More

Why People-Pleasers Hurt the Ones They Love Most

Watch the video above or read the post below I’ve been coaching people-pleasers for more than six years now, and one of the things I’ve noticed is a counterintuitive truth, which is that people-pleasers are often actually worse towards those closest to them – those who love the most- than they are to strangers, work colleagues, associates and so on. Read More

Why it’s bad to be “nice”

Watch the video above or read the blog post version below Being “nice” is a bad thing. As a former Nice Guy or should I say a recovering Nice Guy, who spent over two decades being incredibly nice, I speak with some authority when I say that being nice is a completely bullshit way of being. It actually does more Read More


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