Critique of Red Pill: 9 Iron Rules of Rollo Tomassi

Watch the video above, or read the transcript below At BROJO, we’ve been talking a lot about the views, perspectives and beliefs that men have about woman, and how this affects our interactions and our relationships. We’ve identified that many, if not most men, have at least a few very unhelpful beliefs that get in the way of them creating Read More

Entropy: Fighting Off Death Every Day

Watch the video above, or read the transcription below Entropy, as described by the second law of thermodynamics, is a concept in physics that describes how everything slowly goes to disorder. Today, we’re going to talk about how this practically affects your life and your confidence on a daily basis. I’m no quantum physicist – I’m not an expert who Read More

Sexual Jealousy: Comparing Yourself to Her Past

Watch the video above, or read the transcript below Sexual jealousy seems to be a very hot topic. I did a video about this a while back and got a lot of feedback from it. I then received a specific question about this topic from an anonymous reader, he says: “I saw your video on jealousy about girlfriend’s sexual past. Read More

Why You Should Probably Stop Drinking Alcohol

Today we’re going to be talking about a subtle influence that’s in the background of most people’s self-development journey: Alcohol. I have a number of clients whose progress in building confidence is hampered and slowed down by their drinking. And I know from personal experience why this might be happening. So today, I thought I’d tackle an issue that people Read More

Are You Too Shallow? The Truth About Attraction

If you’re a single guy, you might have noticed a little pattern whereby you avoid women whom you’re attracted to so that others don’t think of you as “shallow.” I’ve noticed this come up with quite a few of my clients lately – an avoidance of people they’re attracted to because they don’t want to be judged as being superficial, Read More

negative thoughts are not controlling you

I’ve received a lot of questions actually about negative thoughts or compulsive thinking. People are worried that they have OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) some of whom might have it. I’ve already done a video on defusion which is a technique you can use to deal with thoughts. If you guys want to get your hands on that video just email me Read More

Stop making these 2 common anxiety mistakes

It’s that time of year again. The sun goes down and stays down. The temperature drops. Everyone starts spending more time indoors. And with these seasonal changes, comes… Seasonal anxiety Today I’m going to be answering essentially a question about seasonal anxiety (and depression as well). For those of you in the northern hemisphere, as the lights go down, as Read More

The Challenge That Tested My Values

A guest post by Anthony Zhou In November 2018, I had a situation where I had to choose between my values or a potential positive outcome if I ignored my values. In self-development, the idea of values and value-based living are common concepts, and I guess they can be considered the building blocks (to identify your core values click here). Read More

Feeling Guilty for Saving Money?

You want to hang out with your friends, but they always insist on going somewhere “nice.” You enjoy the dating scene, but feel pressured to spend big to impress a total stranger. You’d like to save your money for important and meaningful things, but people give you shit for being too tight… I posted recently in the BROJO Facebook community Read More

What’s the difference? Confidence v self-esteem

As a teenager, you probably heard the term ‘self esteem’ an awful lot (usually in relation to you or someone you know lacking in it). As an adult, you’re more likely perhaps to hear the word ‘confidence’. These words might appear to mean the same thing. But not only are they quite different in meaning, you’ll be surprised to discover Read More

Free Confidence Training: The 3X Model

We’re gonna be starting with an overview of the 3X Model. The 3X Model is the underlying core concept – the foundation of authenticity and confidence. So I’d like to give you a little bit of background as to where this model came from and what it’s all about. The Birth of The 3X Model Essentially it’s the result of Read More

You Don’t Need More Motivation

Most of us are sitting around hoping to achieve greater levels of motivation, courage and clarity before we can take the actions we wish to take. We want to be facing fear and getting on with what needs to be done. Procrastination often seems to be a problem requiring us to increase motivation. We feel like our emotions get in Read More


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