[Short] Positivity vs Optimism: Which is better for confidence?

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3 Tips on How to Create a Positive Self-Image

Post contributed by Dylan Richardson Research on body satisfaction levels here in New Zealand shows that we have a high obesity rate. This reality has resulted in a poor self-concept and raised numerous body concerns. Both of those have become detrimental to maintaining a positive self-image. For men, it was observed that social pressures to be athletic, muscular, and slim Read More

The Comfort Zone doesn’t exist… there’s something much WORSE!

The self help industry goes on and on about the “comfort zone” and why you need to break out of it. Yet, when ever we explore someone who’s supposedly in the comfort zone, they don’t appear to be feeling very comfortable at all. They’re usually miserable! So what’s really going on here? In this video, we explore the INERTIA of Read More

This week’s best posts – 18 Oct 2022

A collection of this week’s most popular posts over all social media… The real reason you have trust issues Why people get defensive during confrontations Can you be TOO helpful? A career lesson for millennials from Gen X youtubers 27 WAYS TO OVERCOME NICE GUY SYNDROME (WITHOUT BECOMING A JERK) Menprovement guest article: 27 Ways to Overcome Nice Guy Syndrome Read More

The Upper Limit Problem: Is self sabotage actually helpful?

In the book The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks, we are introduced to the “upper limit problem”, whereby people who should be more successful sabotage themselves, often subconsciously, due to fear of change and fear of success. Obviously, this seen to be a bad thing. Self sabotage is seen as some sort of harmful error in the brain’s wiring system. Read More

ANDREW TATE: Masculine Role Model vs. Psychopathic Fraud?

What, another Andrew Tate post?? Seriously? So back in October 2022, I wrote an article about Andrew Tate that has proven to be one of my more popular pieces, for better or worse. And because he’s become even more controversial than when I wrote that article, and because he’s having such a huge influence on men that I care about, Read More

How to be feel confident in yourself

Confidence, or “self-confidence”, is hard to define. Some people think it’s a feeling of certainty about what you’re doing. Some people think it’s a mastery level of skill. Some people think it’s a sense that you will do well in the future. Some people even think it’s about other people approving of you. The problem with the most common definitions Read More

The week’s best posts – 10 Oct 2022

Below is a collection of the most popular posts from my various social media sites, ICYMI; On haters… The first time I ever received any version of hate-mail via the internet (since becoming a coach) was when I did a post about Nice Guy Syndrome and some random guy commented “Bullshit!” underneath it. Up until this point I’d only ever Read More

How to know when you’re trying too hard: the Law of Reversed Effort

Say goodbye to not feeling good enough with my Shamelessness course  The law of reversed-effort implies that the harder we try to “get” something, the less likely we are to succeed. Each of us has experienced this phenomenon, especially in dating/relationships, where the more you want something and more effort and stress you put into getting it, the more it Read More

Stuck in a rut… AGAIN! The cycle we all go through and how to escape it

3X your confidence this year with my Masterclass “Hard times create strong men; strong men create good times; good times create weak men; weak men create hard times” This is the cycle that civilisations go through over the course of history. It is inevitable. However, we don’t often discuss how INDIVIDUALS also go through this cycle, and how the sensation Read More

You need to battle it out…

Had a conversation with a coaching client yesterday that I think applies to everyone. He has a habit of stopping whatever he’s doing whenever it goes “wrong” (i.e. failure, or doesn’t meet expectations, or he feels confused), and then he reassesses his approach to identify what he should do differently. Lots of people do this. They think they must be Read More

The 5 questions I always get asked

Here are 5 of the most frequently asked questions I get as a coach. I’ve challenged myself to try answer these in a single sentence! Not really possible, but gotta post something today, right? 1) How do I stop being so jealous of my partner’s sexual history? Realise that jealousy is actually a surface-level reaction to deeper core issues around Read More


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