[Short] There’s no such thing as a “small lie”

One of the reasons I’m so hard on people about being honest about everything, including not telling little white lies, is because of what I call “seed lies”. So you tell a little lie that doesn’t seem like a big deal in the moment, and taken out of context it doesn’t seem like a particularly harmful thing to say (or Read More

[Short] Why being polite is dishonest

One of my more controversial ideas around honesty is that being polite is dishonest. A lot of people don’t like this claim. They think that having manners and being polite as a good thing. Maybe it is. I don’t know. What I would suggest is the reason I say being polite is dishonest is that any thoughtless form of speech, Read More

25 things you need to be honest with yourself about

You lie to people… often The biggest lie we tell ourselves is that we’re honest people. It’s not even close to true for most of you. Simply ask yourself, “What don’t I want these people to know about me?” in any given situation and an answer will arise, proving that you’re not completely honest. For most of you, it’s more Read More

[Short] Breaking the fourth wall of honesty

There’s a term I only learned recently called “breaking the fourth wall”. This is where someone in a TV show or a musician or a magician includes the audience in the act and breaks the fiction to talk directly to the audience instead of pretending that they’re not there or maintaining the fiction. And this is a great concept for Read More

[Short] Being Blunt VS Direct Honesty

Get your Daily Dose of Integrity with my FREE newsletter here: While most of the clients I work with readily admit that they’re less than honest in many situations, I also sometimes work with people who claim to be honest all the time, and they usually use words like “blunt” or “brutal” to describe their honesty. However, they’re deluding Read More

[Short] Being honest is going to get me in trouble… and I’m still doing it?

Get your Daily Dose of Integrity with my FREE newsletter here: So the other day, I committed another one of my classic ADHD fuck ups. I thought I had an appointment at 8:00 in the morning, and warned my wife about it. Turns out that was next week – I had not checked my calendar properly. Because of this, Read More

The most important thing in the world

Join The Integrity Army for free confidence and integrity coaching here As a coach, I’m constantly reassessing the big questions about what makes life worth living, what makes people feel confident in themselves, what improves the quality of a relationship, and so on. I’ve been coaching for 10 years, and I worked in Corrections rehabilitating offenders and leading staff Read More

[Short] The Big Lie you tell yourself that stops you being more confident

If you enjoyed this, grab yourself a free copy of my new ebook Top 10 Social Connection Tips here – Comment below with your opinions on this! I ask almost anyone if they’re an honest person and they’ll say, “Pretty much!” They’ll say, basically, I’m an honest person, most if not all of the time. And yet, we know Read More

[Short] Using Honesty vs Being Honest

If you enjoyed this video, check out more of my work, links, posts and contact details – including my FREE group coaching, here:   A thing I see a lot – I see it in marketing, I see it in people trying to improve their social skills – is people using honesty rather than being honest. So being honest is where Read More

[Short] Can you be too honest?

Want FREE ACCESS to my $200 Nice Guy Recovery online training course? Just fill out this quick 5min survey and I’ll send you access immediately!     A question that my clients often struggle with is Can you be too honest? It’s a pretty legitimate question. My answer is “No… but” and what I mean by that is there’s no such thing as Read More

[Short] The Shortest Path technique for creating great connections

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