The greatest life lessons I’ve ever learned

Say goodbye to not feeling good enough with my Shamelessness course Every now and then we wake up to an undeniable truth that changes everything we thought we knew! I’ve been lucky enough to have experienced a great number of these epiphanies over the years, and in this podcast episode I share some of the most powerful ones to hit Read More

The curse of the Victim Hero mindset

Become a confident beast with my Shamelessness course Many of us are familiar with the “victim mindset” – a way of seeing the world that makes you think everything is against you. In my work as a confidence coach, I’ve identified an additional element – the “hero” – which creates a worldview that destroys your ability to succeed and enjoy Read More

What school didn’t teach you, part 5: Critical thinking and logical fallacies

Become a man of integrity with my 3X Confidence Masterclass on Udemy High school and university failed us all. While they taught us things like algebra and history, we weren’t taught any of the things we actually needed to know to create a successful, high quality life! In this series of 6 videos, I’ll try to teach you what school Read More

“Them” – a poem

In the beginning, They took your Responsibility. They embraced the narrative that you needed Their firm controlling hand for your education and protection. So They did everything for you yet punished you for erring. Now, you feel unfairly treated and blame Fate for your misfortune.   Then, They took your Curiosity.  Your explorations and experiments were inconvenient and emotionally provocative. Read More

Reality isn’t real

“I am trapped inside a locked room, having a dream about being a person” Matthew McConnaughey’s character from True Detective From what we currently know through the field of neuroscience is that the mind is a result of activity in the brain. Signals from the ‘outside world’ are interpreted by various senses in the body, which are then relayed to Read More

Turn back now!

Jim Carrey told us that he wished everyone could be rich and famous just so they could see that it’s not what they’re looking for. Will Smith, in his new book Will, explained clearly that chasing and achieving the dream of becoming the biggest movie star on the planet nearly cost him his family and was driven entirely by childhood Read More

If you’re struggling or suffering, you’re doing it wrong

In Stoicism, there is a concept that we could all learn from: the idea of going WITH reality; aligning yourself with the universe rather than struggling against it. All my life I watched myself and others try to control reality rather than just letting it happen, and because of this we suffer when we don’t need to be. In this Read More

The Religion of Honesty

Watch the video version above, or listen to the podcast version here, or read the written version below After studying and practicing honesty for more than a decade (having spent the prior period of my life being largely dishonest), I’ve come to realise that I’ve actually developed a worship of honesty.  Having experimented with being more honest for such a Read More

My thoughts on religion

As the Taliban take over Afghanistan and promise to revert that country even further back into the dark ages and subjucate women and punish even minor crimes with torture and violence, I feel moved to finally speak openly about my thoughts on organised religion and the belief in God. TL/DR: I don’t believe there are any gods, and I believe Read More

Why you can’t predict the future

There’s a few areas of science that I recommend people get into that might at first seem unrelated to self-development but have proven to help me time and again: Cosmology (astronomy) and quantum physics/mechanics. You don’t need to be a mathematician or brainy-ass scientist to understand the basic principles (or otherwise I wouldn’t have a chance of getting it). I’m Read More

Are you sure you want it?

We are driven by our desires, urges and wants. Our mind says “I want that” and we just go for it, without any skepticism about that command. But how can you know you really want something? Let me give you an example: Like many couples, Lucie and I were excited about the arrival of Chloe, and about having a kid Read More

10 Life Truths you MUST accept

“Stress is being here when you want to be there” – Eckhart Tolle Our greatest source of suffering is not outside of ourselves, it is an internal problem: our inability to accept reality as it is. Like a kidnapping victim tied to a chair, we thrash against our fate, making no difference to the outcome but hurting ourselves more than Read More


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