Building Confidence in your Career

Welcome to Episode 10 of the Career Breakthrough Series with Career Coach Paul Ames.

In this interview we cover:

– How I battled, and eventually overcame, my people-pleasing, procrastination and fear-based patterns to become confident and congruent in my career, and how you can do the same.
– How to avoid making poor decisions.
– Why upsetting others is “NOT” a bad thing.

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2:32– History
5:10– Finding Your “Thing”
5:35– Biggest Career Takeaways
8:36– Biggest Mental Roadblocks
10:20– Making Decisions For The Right Reason
11:14– How Social Approval Holds You Back
13:50– Acting Like You Have Nothing To Lose
16:04– Core Of A Happy And Healthy Life
23:11– Lets See What Happens
24:00– Most Excited About In Business
25:53– 3-5 Actionable Career Tips
31:37– Making Yourself Indispensable In Your Career
33:15– Miracle Question
36:15– Most Important Habit/ Most Hindering Habit
40:33– Parting Advice


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