Overcoming Performance Anxiety in Bed

I had an email a while back from an anonymous dude who felt jealous about his girlfriend’s sexual history. He had a much lesser sexual history than her and he was feeling really insecure in the bedroom and jealous of their past. Now, he’s gotten in contact again. We’re further down the path now and he’s still got this issue Read More

Being Yourself Around Unsupportive People

Trying to be honest in a dishonest world is super tough. In this video, I dive into what you can do when you’re trying to be yourself but those closest to you make it hard. In this video we explore how to be yourself when everyone around you is mocking you and pressuring you to be something else.

Free Confidence Training: The 3X Model

We’re gonna be starting with an overview of the 3X Model. The 3X Model is the underlying core concept – the foundation of authenticity and confidence. So I’d like to give you a little bit of background as to where this model came from and what it’s all about. The Birth of The 3X Model Essentially it’s the result of Read More

How to tell if a girl likes you?

I just had a great chat with one of my roommates around attraction and signs of attraction: How do we know when somebody’s into us? And it’s one of the most common questions that I get from guys, and they’re often disappointed with my answer, because the answer is most the time “I don’t know.” This used to be this Read More

How to Create a Deep Emotional Connection

LIGHT V DARK Today I wanted to talk about connection – making a deep meaningful connection with other people. It’s probably an entire course on its own, but what I wanted to talk about today was a misconception around connection that held me back my entire life and really made it difficult for me to connect with people, because I Read More

3 Simple Rules for Finding New Friends

Today we’re going to look at the basic principle of making new friends and meeting new people. I didn’t realize how much of a problem this was for people until I first went to university. I’d had the same friends ever since I was a young child; we went to primary and high school together. And then I went to university, where I Read More

Should I text him first? Relationship advice for the hookup culture

Today I’m going to be answering a question from the audience. I got an email from a young woman who’s just lost her virginity to a guy and they don’t have any sort of established label on their relationship. She wants to know what I think she should do about her current dilemma. She says “I need advice, I don’t Read More

Gaming Disorder: Video Game Obsession

Today’s question comes from a guy who wants some help with video games. This post/video is for guys and girls who play a lot of video games and they’re wondering whether or not it’s healthy to do so. It’s come up for a couple of my clients now and I want to address it. One of them has written through to me Read More

You Don’t Need More Motivation

Most of us are sitting around hoping to achieve greater levels of motivation, courage and clarity before we can take the actions we wish to take. We want to be facing fear and getting on with what needs to be done. Procrastination often seems to be a problem requiring us to increase motivation. We feel like our emotions get in Read More

How to avoid small talk and go deeper

If you’re like me, you get bored of small talk. You want a deep connection but you’re feeling stuck in superficial conversations and relationships. You’d like to bring better conversation skills to your dating and social life, but you’re not sure how to stop playing safe and create some genuine, unique and interesting interactions. Check out this video on how to Read More

Self Sabotage: The 3 Lies That Rule Your Life

In this post I’m going to explore the 3 biggest deceptions you play on yourself to create a pattern of self-sabotage, and how to correct these so you can be more honest, confident and productive. The first lie is your prediction of the future, which you use to determine your decisions. The second lie is the present hidden intention behind your actions. And the third lie is the story you make up about what happened in the past, to explain your behaviour to yourself. We'll explore these lies today, and then look at what you can do to free yourself from this self-deception. Read More


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