Conversation Skills for Deep Connections

2-day workshop 2nd-3rd Feb 2019, Auckland NZ Create More Interesting, Attractive and Connecting Conversations No more small talk… No more superficial friendships… No more wondering why they don’t text back… Learn to stop people-pleasing and overcome social anxiety so you can transform yourself into a charismatic social leader who can create genuine interest and attraction through deep and fascinating conversations, while Read More

Do you hurt your own self esteem?

You might suspect or realise that your ongoing issues with confidence can’t directly be blamed on other people all the time. Sure, maybe you were bullied in the past, or had traumatic things happen to you, but when you’re all alone and beating yourself up, who’s doing that? When you suffer from low self esteem and low self worth, usually Read More

Inexperienced with women or new to dating?

Getting into the dating scene can seem overwhelming at first. Especially when you have a lack of experience with women, or are suffering from social anxiety. Many men looking for relationships struggle to get started, not knowing how to express attraction or becoming frustrated with always ending up in the friendzone. In this video above, we look at where to Read More

How to approach a woman without harassing her

In today’s age of the #metoo movement, men are becoming terrified of approaching a girl, especially on the street. While we might genuinely feel attraction towards someone, trying to start a conversation without being accused of harassment seems to be more complicated than it once was. Men now suffer from approach anxiety – they want to initiate but the potential consequences Read More

What is Confidence?

Scroll to the bottom of this post if you prefer video format. Or you can listen to the audio only version here: Brojo Online, with Dan Munro & Mike Wells · [#77] What Is Confidence? Today I will attempt to describe confidence in a new way that clearly shows you how to build your self-worth, no matter who you are or Read More

Building Social Confidence for Nice Guys

Transform from Nice Guy to confident beast with my Nice Guy Recovery course If you’re a people pleaser or suffering from Nice Guy Syndrome, this practical guide on how to build confidence will give you some action steps you can take today to build self-worth, social confidence and healthy masculinity. If you’re reading this, it probably means you’re on the Read More

Red Pill Review: Should men use seduction to get women?

TL:DR – This post is for men wanting to know how to get a girl – whether they should use Pick-Up style seduction techniques or just naturally attract through honesty. The post reviews the 3 main claims of seduction advocates: 1) seduction is a good way to learn about women, 2) it’s necessary to protect men from risk, and 3) Read More

Dating Confidently – A few tips for Singles

A guest post by Mary Roberts Confidence is a key that can help you get women, no matter whether they belong to, if you are looking to date Latin singles or Asian women or Afro-Americans, you will surely require to develop some serious self-confidence. Lack of confidence is the root cause of failure while dating women, once you learn to Read More


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