“Do I look fat?” – how to answer this impossible question [livestream]

For more livestream action on dating, relationships and Nice Guy Syndrome, come and join the Nice Guy Husband community here Dan’s Top Resources Books Dan has 3 bestselling non-fiction books available in both written and audio form: The Naked Truth, his latest release, shows you how radical honesty builds self-confidence and relationships Nothing to Lose explores how to build Read More

Feeling trapped? This is why…

Say goodbye to not feeling good enough with my Shamelessness course Feeling trapped or stuck is one of the most depressing and anxiety-provoking states we can be in. It’s the feeling of loss of freedom and free will, of not having a choice. In this video, we explore what causes this feeling, how it’s actually an illusion, and what you Read More

How to make new guy friends

One of the biggest struggles we see in the BROJO community is adult men trying to find other guy friends. There is absolutely no training or support with this, and most guys don’t know where to start. So if you’ve moved to a new city, or simply never really had any truly masculine male friends, this video will break down Read More

Livestream: My friendzone nightmares

A look back at one of the many times I got “trapped in the friendzone” and what I learned from the experience. Come and check out the Nice Guy Facebook Group for more livestream action!

Livestream: My life as a Nice Guy

A deep-dive revealing exploration of my history as a Nice Guy. Join the Nice Guy Group on Facebook to get access to more livestreams like this

Top 10 Communication Tips for Long Term Relationships

Communication issues are one of the top reasons for divorce and breakups. What breaks my heart as a coach is that I see very basic mistakes being made that don’t need to happen.  I see great connections being destroyed simply because the couple doesn’t have the skills to express their needs and set their boundaries. A break up should never Read More

Highlights of the Week

Each week, I’ll repost my most popular social media posts in one place, for… reasons. I dunno. Just don’t wanna waste them or something. Enjoy. Or don’t. I’m so tired. On staying silent… Nice Guys tend to avoid conflict, and our favourite method for doing this is to stay silent when we disagree with something (depending on the audience). We Read More

Nice GIRL Syndrome

Discover masculine confidence with my Nice Guy Recovery course I’ve been criticized in the past (and recently) for focusing too much on men when it comes to Nice Guy Syndrome. While it might seem obvious why I do this, the complaint is valid because people-pleasing is not gender-specific. In fact, all the traits of Nice Guy Syndrome can be found Read More

Nice Guys / people pleasers: How to know if you’re doing things for the right reasons

Discover masculine confidence with my Nice Guy Recovery course When you start recovering from Nice Guy Syndrome and reducing your people-pleasing, you will probably enter a phase where you don’t trust yourself. You will know from your history that you often do “nice” things for unhealthy reasons, and you’ll start to wonder if anything you do is for the “right” Read More

Dealing with resistance – how to deal with stubborn clients and people

3X your confidence this year with my Masterclass In situations like coaching and therapy, you’re bound to be forced to deal with resistance, and sometimes even entirely resistance people who are too stubborn to transform and change in a helpful way. How to care for a client when they are resistant to coaching / counselling, to help them get past Read More

The greatest life lessons I’ve ever learned

Say goodbye to not feeling good enough with my Shamelessness course Every now and then we wake up to an undeniable truth that changes everything we thought we knew! I’ve been lucky enough to have experienced a great number of these epiphanies over the years, and in this podcast episode I share some of the most powerful ones to hit Read More


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