Stop making these 2 common anxiety mistakes

It’s that time of year again. The sun goes down and stays down. The temperature drops. Everyone starts spending more time indoors. And with these seasonal changes, comes… Seasonal anxiety Today I’m going to be answering essentially a question about seasonal anxiety (and depression as well). For those of you in the northern hemisphere, as the lights go down, as Read More

The Challenge That Tested My Values

A guest post by Anthony Zhou In November 2018, I had a situation where I had to choose between my values or a potential positive outcome if I ignored my values. In self-development, the idea of values and value-based living are common concepts, and I guess they can be considered the building blocks (to identify your core values click here). Read More

Why are you so sensitive?

You’re at a party. On the surface, everything seems fine. You’re smiling, joking, sharing stories and having a good time. Except… Underneath this careful mask of pleasant chit-chat, you’re like the Terminator. Scanning the room, picking up every nuance of behaviour in your line of sight. You can see who’s happy, who’s faking it, who’s offended, who’s jealous… you can Read More

Feeling Guilty for Saving Money?

You want to hang out with your friends, but they always insist on going somewhere “nice.” You enjoy the dating scene, but feel pressured to spend big to impress a total stranger. You’d like to save your money for important and meaningful things, but people give you shit for being too tight… I posted recently in the BROJO Facebook community Read More

Overcoming Shyness When You’re an Introvert

In the video above, I’m cross-dressing in my girlfriend’s robe. In case you’re wondering, the reason is because technically I’m an introvert. I want to show you that I’m happy to do something slightly silly in a public forum whilst also being introverted. It doesn’t stop me from doing that. But I want to talk about how some people are Read More

You Don’t Need to be Tough to be Masculine

Don’t cry. Don’t smile. You’re a fucking pussy. Looks like you need a nice cup of concrete. Harden up, cunt! Get over it. Man up, bitch! Does being masculine mean that I need to appear tough? I get this question in many different forms and essentially what it means is: does being a masculine man mean that I need to Read More

Why am I uncomfortable receiving compliments?

Welcome back to Ask Dan Anything. Today, I came to realize that people are really uncomfortable receiving praise and compliments. I know I used to be like this. I was stuck in this weird loop. As a Nice Guy people-pleaser I was constantly seeking validation and approval but whenever somebody actually gave it to me I was very resistant to it. Read More

What’s the difference? Confidence v self-esteem

As a teenager, you probably heard the term ‘self esteem’ an awful lot (usually in relation to you or someone you know lacking in it). As an adult, you’re more likely perhaps to hear the word ‘confidence’. These words might appear to mean the same thing. But not only are they quite different in meaning, you’ll be surprised to discover Read More

3 Tips For a Confident 2019

Hello everybody and welcome to 2019! I didn’t want to do anything too crazy to welcome you into the year. I just wanted to say hello happy and new years to all of you, and share the three biggest things that I noticed in my reflections for this year. I had a look at all the lessons I’ve learned through Read More

Too Nice: Is People-Pleasing a Mental Illness?

What’s wrong with being nice? Do you think it’s “good” to be “nice”? If so, I’d like you to read through this – you might be surprised by what I’ve discovered. After studying the relationship between self-confidence and people-pleasing for about a decade, I’ve come to the firm conclusion that people-pleasing – sometimes known as Nice Guy Syndrome – should Read More

“Let’s Just Be Friends”

This one isn’t based on a question from a specific person, but it’s about something that’s come up many many many many many times with the people have worked with. “Oneitis” The term oneitis actually comes from the pickup artist community and is a reference to somebody who’s basically developed an adult crush. You know, the kind of crush you Read More

How to Manage Your Emotions

Watch the video above or read the transcript below: What’s up everybody? I wanted to put together a quick video about dealing with emotions, because it’s a topic that keeps coming up so often. It’s universal to gender, race, ethnicity and culture – whatever you want to call it. Emotions are normal We are all humans, and most of the Read More


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