Why Red Pillers shouldn’t give up on women

Whenever I diss the Red Pill approach of giving up on relationships and thinking that women are terrible, I inevitably get somebody quite reasonably comment that they’ve tried their best but they’ve had nothing but terrible experiences with women.

So why shouldn’t they believe this?

They’re in their 40s or 50s now, they’ve been divorced and taken for all they’ve got. They were mistreated for most of the marriage, and this reflects previous relationships as well. It’s over. Why shouldn’t they give up?

I understand that perspective. I was there for a long time myself. It took me forever see why I was having this pattern of bad relationships.

You think you’ve had a reasonable and valid experience of women, and you think you’ve tried your best.

The problem is neither of those things are true.

Most people who have had a pattern of terrible experiences with women have simply had a habit of choosing terrible women within a narrow niche of low-quality places.

You’ve been attracted to the least psychologically healthy women, and you’ve only been looking for love in places where there’s the least likely chance of meeting a confident person (e.g. dating apps and bars/clubs).

You have not been choosing from a wide range of women. You’ve just been repeating old mistakes.

And I’ll bet you haven’t tried being fully honest and living with Integrity either.

So if you haven’t tried finding healthy and confident women to connect with, in real-life places without the support of alcohol, and you haven’t tried prioritising your core values over approval, validation and sex, then there’s still hope for you!

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  1. After coaching couples for more than a decade, I can say the best formula I’ve seen for long term relationships is meeting people at hobbies and becoming friends before dating

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