Life is unfair… and it’s ok

A few years ago I was waiting for a flight and it got delayed. We were stuck in the little waiting area, and I noticed a whole bunch of people around me complaining. I thought it was odd. What’s complaining going to do? I asked. How can you make a plane ready to fly by whingeing about it? Then I Read More

The most successful gurus are all insane!

My favourite business guru is Alex Hormozi. I’ve never in 10 years as an entrepreneur seen more value come from one person. I wholeheartedly recommend any business owner follow Hormozi’s advice. However… Here are some of the things I’ve seen him talk about in his content: vacations are a waste of time he feels “deprived” making “only” $250 million per Read More

Safety Net: Meaning and Problems

A lot of people like to use what they call a “safety net”. ‘ Having a safety net means having a kind of backup option when you go to try something new so that if it doesn’t work out you can go back to the first thing. It’s like applying for a job while you keep your current job, or Read More

How to Get Clients Without Being Spammy

This one is for my entrepreneurs and salespeople who want to grow their businesses but also be authentic, in other words: How do you avoid being spammy as all fuck? There’s 2 things you need to know: always respect a No, and keep it personalized. If you follow those 2 principles, you can avoid being spammy. Now the simple truth Read More

The true meaning and definition of “busy”

A lot of people talk about being “busy” as if it’s something that happens to them, like all these tasks just drop out of the fucking sky and take up your day. And that is how a lot of people feel. They’re waiting for their own to-do list to give them a break… as if they didn’t create that list Read More

Lying vs Deception: The Difference

Someone just sent me a question through: “What’s the difference between lying and deception?” I like this question. Let’s get lying out the way first. Lying is when you deliberately express something that you know is untrue, usually with the intention of manipulating another person’s behavior that in some way favors you. Deception includes lying, but is more about the Read More

Nice Guys can’t hold awkward tension

The reason Nice Guys constantly crack jokes or over-explain themselves and overshare, and basically just do too much talking, is because they’re so afraid to hold tension. I’m talking about the kind of awkward inner tension that comes up when you suggest an idea and you wait to see if other people want to go with it; if you show Read More

Is PUA a necessary evil for building confidence?

I’ve got a question for you guys who have done the PUA (pick up artist) thing like I did back in the day – or those of you who have tried any kind of manipulative/strategic approach to socializing that isn’t full integrity. Is it a necessary development phase? I left pickup once I discovered honesty, when I realized I could Read More

The “Drop In” Life Planning Exercise

The “Drop In” technique is a simple exercise I made up to help you figure out what you would do with your life if you weren’t held back by fear, previous obligations, and whatever programmed identity you’ve been clinging to. It’s pretty simple: how it works is you imagine that you’ve literally just been dropped into this life, right now. Read More

They know you’re lying…

There’s something I want you to pay attention to. I want you to notice that when someone is not being completely real with you, you’re aware of it. Let’s say you ask them if they want to come to your party, and they say, “Oh, I’m a bit busy that night, I might have some stuff on”, and you just Read More