Authentic sales techniques pt. 1/3

How to sell anything without manipulation (part 1/3)

Marketing and sales gurus usually try to convince you to use manipulative techniques to make a quick buck off insecure people, like using scarcity, pushing on pain points, rushing the money discussion, getting them to “comply” with a “Yes ladder”, and all sorts of bullshit. Not only are these techniques unethical and feel disgusting to use (if you have any empathy), they’re actually not the most effective! In this series of videos, Dan discusses how to sell any VALUABLE product or service without needing to “sell” in the traditional sense, instead focusing on how to serve people and build long-term relationships that benefit everyone involved while being completely honest along the way. Not only does it feel better, it WORKS BETTER too.

Dan’s Top Resources


Dan has 3 bestselling non-fiction books available in both written and audio form:

  • The Naked Truth, his latest release, shows you how radical honesty builds self-confidence and relationships
  • Nothing to Lose explores how to build confidence from the inside by correcting the programming in your brain
  • The Legendary Life is a very practical, action-focused guide on how to plan and execute a life plan that brings you your ideal lifestyle

Online courses

Dan continues to put out high quality online self-paced courses through the Udemy platform

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