Are you feeling trapped and want more freedom?

A lot of people get stressed out by the concept of Freedom.

They get agitated that they can’t just do whatever they feel like doing at any time.

But this is a childish and illogical definition of freedom. Just think about gravity. Think about the world economy. Think about the limits of the human body. Of course you can’t do anything you want at any time.

Go try and cross the border into another country without anyone stopping you and you’ll see how much freedom you have.

That kind of freedom is a terrible thing to wish for. Yearning for that is only going to lead to frustration and agitation.

A much better working definition of freedom is the ability to choose what you are doing and to choose why you’re doing it.

When I say choose what you are doing, I don’t mean that you can do anything you want. I mean that when you are already doing something, really go all in on it.

Even if you’re “forced” to do something, or it appears that you’re forced, remember that you could always just die or sit out instead. Those are options too. So if you don’t choose those, then you must have chosen what you’re doing instead.

If you decide to make it your own, then you’re free.

If you’re forced to cook, but you decide, “I’m going to make this like I’m a chef”, then you’re free.

If you’re forced to sit in traffic, but you decide “I’m going to use this opportunity to practice my breathing techniques”, then you’re free.

If you feel like you’re missing out on sleeping with women because you’re married, but you decide “I’m going to surprise my family with a trip to the beach today”, then you’re free.

Freedom isn’t about removing limits. It’s about accepting responsibility for your decisions, making peace with the inevitable trade-offs, and making the most of any situation.

For more on this topic, check out my longer video “Feeling trapped? This is how to get more freedom”:

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  1. An important element of freedom is ensuring you own your decision making. Core Values work will help you design a decision making system that feels like it’s “yours”

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