Are you “Mr Nice Guy”? Take this quiz & escape the friendzone

Is it possible to be too nice?

Does it ever bother you that the “jerks” get the girls, the confidence, and the enjoyable lifestyles?

Are you sick of feeling like the good stuff in life is “out of my league”?

Do you see yourself doing things that don’t help you, yet you keep doing them over and over again?

Well, today might be the start of a transformation. Scroll down – in the link below is a multi choice questionnaire about how nice you are. You’ll soon see if it relates to you.

Complete this nice guy quiz to find out, from a former Mr Nice Guy, what you’re doing wrong. It’s time for you to get out of the friendzone forever, but first you need to find out how you got there…

>> Click Here To Begin the Nice Guy Quiz <<

Once you’ve completed the survey, you’ll be given free access to the Nice Guy Recovery email course, so you can take your social confidence to the next level this year.

You’ll also get exclusive access to a huge range of free resources from Dan Munro, Confidence Coach and recovering Nice Guy, Founder of Brojo, and bestselling author of Nothing to Lose.


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