Are you a Nice Guy or a Psychopath?

It’s pretty common for Nice Guys and people pleasers to lose their ability to feel basic emotions, and eventually become pseudo-psychopathic. Here’s why and how it happens, and what we can do about it.

Key notes:

– I grew up shamed for having emotions emotions

– eg called a crybaby in school

– by 21 I felt nothing

– I developed a fear of being a psychopath

– I suppressed emotions to avoid pain and conflict

– Nice guys do what’s called “method acting”

– they become the character they’ve created

– chameleon effect – being a gas that fills the space but has no form without it

– avoidant attachment – keep everyone at arms length with nonchalance, humour, dishonesty, superficiality, hot n cold, alcohol n drugs

– key signs you’re not a psycho – anxiety; depression; care for others wellbeing; used to have emotions (eg having been a sensitive kid)

– key is to start expressing what little emotions you have; get into confrontations; tell people how much you like/dislike them

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