A superior alternative to cancel culture

I think the real problem with ‘cancel culture’ is actually its goal, which is to try and make the world a place that is not offensive.

That is simply never going to happen.

It’s an impossible goal, for the simple reason that we become more fragile the more we’re protected. The more you make it that other people can’t offend you, the more sensitive you’ll become and the more likely you’ll be offended.

We humans have an ever-changing baseline psychology. We adjust to our situation and environment rather quickly. What was hard yesterday is routine today. The daily hassle that was a little annoying 10 years ago is exponentially more painful when you haven’t had to deal with it for a while.

You’ll find new things to be offended by; you’ll find anything to be offended by. It’s an insatiable hunger – what Brene Brown calls “pain shopping” – that will never get better.

There’s a much better goal to aim for if you’re the kind of person who gets offended easily and wants to stop people using words that offend you and so on:

Ask yourself, “How do I become someone who doesn’t get offended? How do I become someone who isn’t harmed by words? How do I become someone who isn’t destroyed by writing and vocal sounds?”

This goal is achievable and realistic, and it will prepare you for the real world.

Because when you’re not distracted by non-dangerous things that don’t objectively harm you, you’ll have clearer vision for the real threats.

P.S. The irony of writing this is I’m almost certain the people it’s most relevant to are the least likely to agree with it!

For more on this topic, check out my video “Why Getting Offended is Dangerous”

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  1. One way to build resilience to offensive words etc. is to expose yourself to tough social situations, like roasts, stand up comedy, and trade worksites

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